Breaking: NWO Begins Testing Massive HAARP Bluebeam Hologram in China

Re-posted with permission by 333 Crucible on 6.18.2011, Copyright 2011-3011 All Rights Reserved.

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnets...

Christian author Kathleen A. Keating warned the world about the final Son of Perdition in her 2005 best selling book "The Final Warning."

For those still unfamiliar with Project Blue Beam, please study these links:

Here is the video proof [ see below at end ] . Pay attention to fake images being projected in the skies and on horizons. They are working up to something with these supposedly innocent presentations. These presentations are Psy Ops designed to acclimate people to “mirage imagery” and to artificial landscapes, etc. Don’t be fooled by the false aerial imagery of a make-believe Second Coming which will eventually be used to introduce false messiah “Maitreya” to the world.

See also: – this entire blog authored by yours truly, is dedicated to educating the world public about secret NWO plans to introduce new age guru “Maitreya” to the world as the global “world teacher” and “second coming” of Christ in the near future. I have been writing about this issue and warning readers and subscribers for at least three years about Maitreya. Christian author Kathleen Keating wrote about him six years ago in her tell all book: Final Warning.”

The Best of Kathleen Keating: Radio Interviews, Links, Research

Feb 26, 2010 Kathleen Keating authored a book in 1999 called “Final Warning” which identified Maitreya to the world. He was so ruffled that she managed…/The+Best+of+Kathleen+Keating%3A+Radio+Interviews,+Links,+Research,+EssaysCachedSimilar

final warning book by Kathleen keating | Alternative News Report

Tag Archives: final warning book by athleen keating The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist: Kathleen Keating on Coast to Coast Am Radio,…/finalwarningbook-by-athleen-keating/Cached

I wrote and posted 333 Crucible in January 2010 after Raj Patel appeared on the Steve Colbert TV show and Benjamin Creme inferred in a speech in London that Patel was Maitreya. Patel, however, is not the same man who appeared in Nairobi Kenya in 1988 as a manifestation of “Maitreya.” Learn all that you can about Project Blue Beam, the relationship between the UN and Share International, and their joint promotion of “Maitreya” as a coming [false ] world savior.

CK Hunter

Postscript 8.28.2011 – Please note that after I posted this report, the last two videos below were yanked by the users from YT, either out of fear or pressure from somewhere. Not to worry, I found the same report on another YT channel and here it is below.

Thanks to the reader who alerted me these other two videos had been removed:

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19 Responses to Breaking: NWO Begins Testing Massive HAARP Bluebeam Hologram in China

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  5. andre says:

    Why have videos been “removed by user”?

    • CK Hunter says:

      They are not being removed by the user in many cases. Youtube is censoring certain videos. Where did you see this notice? Post the url.


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  10. Pamela says:

    Chase, it does say :

    This video has been removed by the user.

    Sorry about that. For all 3 video’s you posted above. I’m curious as to why they are gone. You must be showing something that they don’t want us to see. Do you remember which ones they were and what was on them? Just wondering since they are gone. I use to listen to Kathleen Keating back them. I looked forward to all her audios!

    I once wrote Larry Hagmann, one of her guest and asked him where is she and, he said that she was taking the time off her show to write another book. Well, she never came back on the internet again. This was about 3 years ago. I believe she is hiding. Can’t say I blame her tho. She is her own reasons and who are we to say other wise. We don’t know what is going on with her personal life.

    I just hope and pray that she is alive and well. God bless her soul for putting herself out there like that and risking all to tell us who this Maitreya person is. I miss her insight. But, ya know, Chase, you kinda remind me of her in the way you write in here. I come in here every night and read and rate each one that I do read! God Bless you too! 🙂

    • CK Hunter says:

      Pamela thanks for letting me know those two videos had been yanked – this HAARP blue beam display has been all over the world news, so it was not hard to find a replacement report and post it. I really appreciate you letting me know that YT users had pulled the first two. I don;t know why people are so scared. Truth is what it is, and it has to be reported. It’s not something “taboo” to report that the images which appeared over that river in China were not real. At some point in the future this technology is going to be used to try to convince the world population that they are seeing some sort of spiritual event, which will be a hologram – it will NOT be real. I intend to keep reporting the truth and that’s all there is to it.


    • CK Hunter says:

      Here’s a replacement video news report:


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