Ludicrous Stories Swirling Around “Maitreya’s” TV Interview Have Only Made the Smell of Fraud Worse

The Value of Nothing: The Cowardly Act of Hiding “Maitreya’s” Supposed TV Interview from the World Using Classic “Bait and Switch” Advertising Fraud


Let’s say that a PR and advertising man had been given the job of trying to promote a man who was destined to be one of the most reviled and despised individuals in human history, since the times of Christ some 2,000 years ago, a man whose name adds to 666 in at least 3 sacred languages, a man whom Christians have been taught is the “Antichrist” – the final Imposter, the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin.

And lets’ say this man has already demonstrated his absolute narcissism and disdainful hubris years earlier by proclaiming, ahead of time, in fact, nearly 30 years ahead of time, back in 1982, in variously tacit ways, that he is the Second Coming of Christ, and all things to all world religions, setting the stage for some sort of grand display of himself to the world at a future date in his first world appearance.

Twenty five or thirty years passes by. When the much baly-hooed event finally takes place, after glossy TV spots with emotive music have aired on CNN, and youtube has been plastered with videos of the now [ confirmed artificial HAARP blue beam holographic ] “stars” – including the recent Norway Spiral, and the time finally comes for this man of all men to give his first TV interview.

What do you suppose might happen? I will tell you what happened.

The Value of Nothing happened.

The TV interview was a non-event.

In fact, truth researchers everywhere have looked high and low for any sign that any actual TV interview took place featuring the man shown in photos on the Share International website as being “Maitreya” and that interview is nowhere to be found – in any country, much less in America, [ which, by the way IS STILL a Christian nation.]

What was sold to the world instead was a manic, stuttering,  youngish  east indian author and economist named Raj Patel (not sure about that spelling) who was recently being passed off as the secret “Maitreya.”

Raj Patel IS NOT the same man who is pictured on the Share International website, thus the value of nothing.

I am convinced now more than ever – judging from these above described manuevers and bluffs, and the bait and switch approach to introducing “someone” to the world, that the spiritual fraud about this man Maitreya is getting worse by the minute.

The actual news release pertaining to the “interview that never was” is buried deep on a Share International sister website, and the url which purports to actually show the TV interview is embedded in a PDF so that it cannot be clicked on.

What are these people hiding? Creme has announced and advertised and shouted and lectured about the greatest horse race since Seabiscuit for more than 25 years now, and they have yet to produce a race horse: “Maitreya.”

Instead they slithered around the edges of the world media and pretended to give an interview, using an entirely different individual.


Something smells rotten over at Share International. If it walks like a hoax, and talks like a hoax, and smells like a hoax, I believe it is a HOAX, and that would indeed give us the value of nothing.

Chase Hunter


What Other Truth Researchers Have to Say:


About “The Divine Imperative”

“The Divine Imperative” simply means the sense of an urgent need to address within one’s inner self all which is truly of God and His vast Heavenly realms in every sense of the word. The world is reeling from the non-stop onslaught of intentionally misleading hedonistic, decadent and deceptive false spiritual teachings during this time of crisis in the soul of humanity. Added to that, daily advertisements in every city across the globe spew forth the filth of the lower astral 4th dimensional plane into people’s homes, cars, workplace, cell phones, covering the landscape with every distraction one could imagine. This is by the design of those who have usurped this world and ruled it in a wicked and Godless manner. Popular writers call these men and women the illuminati, the new world order, or the hidden global elite. Their souls fell with Lucifer 200,000 years ago. They follow him still today.

Thus, it is now a Divine Imperative that all souls of Light who love God, adore and worship His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, the TRUE King of Kings, the Creator Son of our local universe creation, should now begin to step away from these darkening urban landscapes (which may soon fall under martial law), gather their families and friends, and discreetly retreat into the peace and tranquility of small uncorrupted rural villages, to be closer to nature, creating quiet close-knit non-denominational “Intentional Communities of the Spirit”, where the leadings of the Spirit of Truth can bring them into a deeper awareness of their own inner potential Divinity. Personal self sufficiency is now of the utmost importance and there is little time left to prepare for the hard days of tribulation to come.

Every fallen man and woman who is still living by the secular Godless media’s subconscious programming commands, (also known as TV “programs”) has a window of opportunity to turn their back on an inverting,  satanic, media driven con$umer existence, and begin to make the right spiritual choices. There is still time for them to restore their soul’s good standing in God’s infinite creation.

That window will soon begin to close after 2012-2015. We are living in the era of the Divine Imperative. If America fails to seek God’s Will en masse, as a nation, in these next seven to ten years, karmic catastrophe may ensue. Should humankind as a whole fail to seek the spiritual realities of God’s Creation in sufficient numbers in the next seven to ten years, humankind’s soul harvest of Christ-indwelt souls of Light will be so small that horrendous earth changes, abominations, plagues and natural disasters may befall the entire human population, harming the good along with the evil.

The earth herself will then begin to slough off the weight of negative human karma and shake herself to rid the planet of the massive negative charge that will have built up by that time. This is the secret spiritual actuality behind the hard science of any imminent pole shift. There is no conflict whatsoever bewteen true spiritual realities and modern science, only ignorance and misunderstanding of God’s laws prohibiting correct compehension.

The judgment of a world at the close of a 500,000 year dispensation (also known as an era) depends greatly upon the collective soul choices of the entire world species mortal population. If too few mortal souls make the right final spiritual choices for their soul survival, that world’s future may lie in real jeopardy. This is the origin of the Christian teaching and prophecy about the “End of the World.”

Knowing this, if you love God, then seek the advanced new millennial truth about His Heavenly Creation with all your heart, soul and mind, study it right along side your regular Christian Bible studies, enlarging your present understanding of scripture. Let no further distraction keep you from discovering the profound beauty of your own inner Spirit Led journey as you progress toward the Isle of Paradise in Eternity, which is known in your earthly religious traditions as “Heaven”.

By Chase Hunter


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