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Many Christians believe Raj Patel is the Son of Perdition: why?

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If subscribers have wondered why this blog has been relatively silent for several months now, it is because the internet itself has been doing an excellent job of spreading the word about who and what to watch for as the age of the Dark Messiah, the Imam Mahdi, aka the final Son of Perdition begins.

You will recall I have never stated definitively that I believed Raj Patel to be the final Son of Perdition. I am a retired artist, illustrator and designer. I well know, even subconsciously, how to measure the width and depth, the breadth and details of facial features, both masculine and feminine, at a glance.

Raj Patel is not the same man who was photographed in Kenya in 1988 and whose photos are all over the Share International website. [Refer to earlier posts on this blog from early 2010 for the background on this.]

I will reiterate however, that Patel’s academic, UN background and present mass media and social position make him ideally suited to carry forth the UN’s one world government and global Lucifer worship agenda. Subscribers should remember that “sharing” in Patel’s academic vernacular is another term for global socialism and the mandated legal forceful redistribution of wealth from one nation to others. This is the turn key of Raj Patel’s “world solution.”  I have sat for hours quietly reading his academic papers and there is no doubt in my mind this is the meaning inferred by Patel’s use of the word “sharing.”

This solution may as well fall right out of the pages of the Share International website. You all have done an excellent job already of connecting the dots on this. Do not fail to continue to watch this man and report on your own news outlets what he is doing when it appears in the internet world media. They will not be able to hide his actions much longer as 2012 approaches. We will either discover that he was a very effective decoy, or he will begin making movements on the world stage that confirm suspicions.

Another new phenomenon I have noted this spring 2011 is the elaborate production of new “faux [ false ] truth videos” by Muslims who also believe that Raj Patel is the predicted “Djaal” of Islam. These videos are a strange mix of truth and dire error, as they also state that there will be no actual Second Coming of Christ at all, and that the only real God is Allah. This outright lie is then carefully packaged with a mountain of factual truth and other related research about Freemasonry’s planning of world wars in advance [ which is true ] and the over all effect is utter confusion after you watch several of these “anti-christian” propaganda films. Here is a link to one of them – viewer beware.

When I started this blog in January 2010, I put together about 150 posts and pages on 333 Crucible during 2010. Then the truth took a life of it’s own, other Christians took up the call, and the American Christian population now knows alot more about what to watch for and who to watch.

So I have been very busy following other news and research, namely the urgent nature of HAARP global weather modification, HAARP blue beam research, and other topics. But I continue to follow the career of Raj Patel with a certain contained investigator’s interest. He has been thoroughly outed, there is no doubt as to that. But I didn’t need to do the “outing.” Other American Christians did it themselves, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that is as it should be.

Now we just wait, watch and see. What I am most intrigued by these days are the other posts and reports I write which someone somewhere attempts to censor repeatedly on my other main news blog, Alternative News Forum. I have even been blocked on Facebook several times for trying to post announcements about my own essays. I have been right over and over again about a half dozen truth research topics, and I guess I’m starting to get on their [ the Illuminati elite’s ] nerves a little bit.

The Illuminati powers that be can’t really compete with the God given gift of Spirit Led clairvoyance, but they have tried mightily to stop me from posting and writing. They even knocked my news blog off the internet for 2 days last weekend. When it went back up, blog traffic skyrocketed and more than 22,000 people who had never seen my truth research raced to the blog to read what I was writing which was so important that I was being censored. You have to just laugh. The truth WILL win and there is not a thing in the universe these people can do about it.

If they locate me and “off me” as they have done hundreds of others, then 10,000 more brilliant truth researchers who saved my bread crumbs from the trail will pop up and keep going. What do they expect to do, kill off the entire US population?

The Holy Spirit is rising, the Spirit of Truth is moving and God’s praises be sung, for our real King WILL be coming soon and we all know it.

I just wanted to give subscribers an update to let you all know I am alive, very well indeed tucked into my wilderness get-away and I am still researching Raj Patel, and the Imam Mahdi phenomenon which is now escalating in the Mideast, following both trends as data appears on the web.

God bless and keep the righteous, faithful and true, to the very end. The meek will inherit the earth.

Chase Kyla Hunter 4.13.11

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An Unwilling Messiah for the New Age

Posted by majestic on February 8, 2010

Fascinating story about the man who would not be messiah, in the New York Times:

Raj Patel’s desk sits in a dusty, cement-floored nook in his garage, just beyond a parked gray Prius, near the washer and dryer. They are humble surroundings for a god.

Followers of Share International, a New Age religious sect, claim Raj Patel is the messiah Maitreya. He denies the claim, but he cannot persuade them.

“It is absurd to be put in this position, when I’m just some bloke,” Mr. Patel said.

A native of London now living on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, Mr. Patel suddenly finds himself an unlikely object of worship, proclaimed the messiah Maitreya by followers of the New Age religious sect Share International.

He was raised as a Hindu and had never heard of the group. He has no desire for deification. But he may not have a choice.

Mr. Patel’s journey from ordinary person to unwilling lord is a case of having the wrong résumé at the wrong moment in history. For this is a time when human yearning to find a magical cure for the world’s woes can be harnessed to the digital age’s instant access to a vast treasure-trove of personal information.

I have known Mr. Patel for four years — he keeps an office down the hall from mine. He is charming, and as a graduate of Oxford, Cornell University and the London School of Economics, he is considered brilliant, although he is self-effacing. He readily admits to being imperfectly human.

People began to believe otherwise on Jan. 14 in London when Benjamin Creme, the leader of Share International, who is also known as the Master, proclaimed the arrival of Maitreya. The name of the deity has Buddhist roots, but in 1972, Mr. Creme prophesied the coming Maitreya as a messiah for all faiths called the World Teacher…

[continues in the New York Times]

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Is Raj Patel Maitreya?

By Michael Fraase

Sunday, 07 February 2010 02:44PM CDT

Section: Spirituality

Most Buddhists believe in the prophecy of Maitreya as a bodhisattva who will descend from Tusita (the closest Christian analogy is heaven) to Earth, become enlightened, and teach the pure Dharma. Maitreya is believed to incarnate after the teachings of Gautama (Dharma) have been forgotten. Instead of entering nirvana, Maitreya remains embodied so he or she can help and teach the rest of us in the building of a new world. The arrival of Maitreya marks the end of what Buddhists call the middle time, a low point of human existence on Earth.

Although Maitreya, arguably, originated with Buddhist thought, other spiritual movements and religions—including Islam, Zoroastrianism, Bahai, theosophy, the ascended master teachings, and others—have adopted the concept.

Throughout recorded history, individuals have claimed to be Maitreya, usually to form a minor Buddhist sect or cult.

One of the modern followings, Share International—an outgrowth of theosophy—believes Maitreya fulfills the prophecies of most major religions: Christianity (the second coming of Christ); Hinduism (the Kalki avatar of Vishnu); Islam (the Imam Mahdi); Judaism (the Jewish Messiah). Benjamin Creme, the originator of Share International, and his followers believe that Maitreya was embodied in the Himalayas and moved to London in 1977 and then to the US, emerging gradually so as not to impede free will. Largely as a reaction to Creme’s activities, the evangelical Christians (mostly in the US) claim Maitreya to be the Antichrist. Ironically, Creme and his followers do not claim Maitreya as a religious leader; only that Maitreya will unite the global population to reorder social priorities, making food, housing, education, and medical care universal human rights.

Creme’s belief is that Maitreya will not reveal him or herself until the “Day of Declaration,” at which time he or she will acknowledge the embodiment. On 14 January 2010, Creme announced that Maitreya had given an interview on American television, but did not reveal the individual’s identity. Could it be that the interview to which Creme refers took place on the 12 January 2010 episode of The Colbert Report?

Earlier this week, Scott James writing in the New York Times, claims that Share International adherents have identified Maitreya as Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and The Value of Nothing. Because he’s a lefty, advocating paying true costs for what we consume, pointing out the failure of the free market, and recommending that we draft our politicians (think ancient Athens) the right wingnuts are going to have a field day with Patel.

Interestingly, Patel meets all of Creme’s criteria: age, race, life experiences, and philosophies. Patel, of course, denies being Maitreya. So, is he Maitreya? Doubtful since the core tenet of the Buddhist prophecy—that Maitreya won’t embody in human form until the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha (Dharma) have all been forgotten—has by no means happened. Does it matter? Not in the least. Patel is doing good work. That matters.

Imagine that, Maitreya outed by the New York Times. What if?

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From Mortal to Messiah to a Screen Near You?


Published: April 8, 2010

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A San Francisco economist who was declared the messiah by followers of a U.F.O.-centric New Age group could soon enter a new realm of idolatry: Hollywood.

Penni Sue Gladstone for The New York Times

Members of a sect have called Raj Patel the messiah.

This article is part of our expanded Bay Area coverage.

The Bay Area Blog features coverage of public affairs, commerce, culture and lifestyles in the region. We invite your comments at

Go to the Bay Area Blog »

Video: Maitreya Hand Print Test (

Bay Area Blog: Colbert Reports He Anointed San Francisco’s Unwilling Messiah (March 16, 2010)

A film producer has approached Raj Patel, the Potrero Hill author of the best-selling economics book “The Value of Nothing,” about making a movie. It would not be about his writings, but about the way his life was hijacked earlier this year by members of the group that Mr. Patel describes as “a cut-rate Scientology.” At the same time, a leader of the sect, Share International, appeared in San Francisco this week to publicly condemn both the frenzy surrounding Mr. Patel and the newspaper columnist who first reported the story — me.

These are the latest plot twists in a tale that has led to global news media coverage and thrust Mr. Patel into a situation he does not want, one that seems to get increasingly like a Coen brothers movie in which small misdeeds and mishaps are magnified to freakish proportions by the foibles of everyone involved.

Mr. Patel’s e-mail in box was flooded with messages of devotion after followers of Share International decided he was the Messiah for All Faiths, or Maitreya, whose arrival had just been heralded by their leader, Benjamin Creme. Web sites and documentaries proclaiming his holiness went up online, and followers flew in from across the country to be in Mr. Patel’s presence.

Because the prophecy said that Maitreya would refuse to confirm his identity, the more Mr. Patel denied it was he, the more the furor increased.

After the original column was published, Mr. Creme angrily responded from London that his beliefs had been misrepresented.

But while he said it was not possible for Mr. Patel to be the messiah, he did so somewhat elliptically, saying his followers were free to believe what they wished. This ambiguity allowed the story to flourish, which made Mr. Creme and Share International the focus of ridicule on four continents.

The Colbert Report broadcast a hilarious send-up, and Britain’s tabloids turned Mr. Patel, a native of London, into the celebrity du jour. In the process, they hounded him more aggressively than the believers.

“It confirmed my worst impressions of the British press,” Mr. Patel said.

With each retelling, facts devolved to become more sensational. Newspapers reported that Mr. Creme and Share International had chosen Mr. Patel their messiah (not true — it was the followers of the group, not the group itself) and referred to the group as a “cult.”

It was against this backdrop that Michiko Ishikawa of Share International spoke to a standing-room-only crowd on Easter in the Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Main Library. She blamed me and my column for the disdain the group had received, and erroneously said I had labeled the sect a cult.

She also explained some of her group’s beliefs.

She said that Mr. Creme had been aboard a spaceship, and that “space brothers” had regularly intervened on earth to prevent catastrophes, most notably quelling the Cuban missile crisis and limiting destruction from the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Ms. Ishikawa also spoke of cancer cures during her 90-minute power-point presentation, and showed a card with a photo of Maitreya’s handprint available for purchase for $1. (She is scheduled to speak at the Bernal Heights library on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Mr. Creme plans to visit San Francisco in August.)

While this roadshow proceeds, Mr. Patel said his agent, ICM, had been approached by a Hollywood film producer who wanted to buy the rights to his life. He would not release details, but said the producer was associated with mainstream theatrical releases of dark comedies.

Mr. Patel finds his predicament farcical. “It’s just absurd in many, many ways,” he said, noting that his work in economics asks ordinary people to come up with their own solutions to intractable problems and not rely on leaders.

“It is a very Hollywood premise,” he said of his situation. “The guy who says, ‘Don’t wait for The One’ is declared The One.”

Mr. Patel dismissed the idea of a movie, though he allowed himself a few moments to daydream about which actors would be cast in a film adaptation.

He thought he might be portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy, an actor from the television show “Heroes” who looks enough like Mr. Patel to cause some confusion. “Either him or a Baldwin,” Mr. Patel said, or perhaps Sacha Baron Cohen, the star of “Borat” and a classmate of Mr. Patel from Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School outside London.

Daydreams aside, there has been one upside to this buzz: sales of “The Value of Nothing” are up in England. For a treatise on economics, one might consider that a miracle.

Scott James is an Emmy-winning television journalist and novelist who lives in San Francisco.

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6 Responses to New Research Links, Update by the Blog Author 4.13.11

  1. TheTruthIsFromGod says:

    don’t you see that Allah/God is guiding me?

    Since January 2010, I have been the only one who has pointed out Raj Patel as the False Messiah and have exposed plenty of proofs, if I was lost like you say, why am I the sole one to be able to produce this information?

    I transmit to you a serious warning from God to you and to your bunch of christians, I friendly advocate you to read it seriously:

    Allah is the God of Moses, Jesus AND Muhammad, Allah is the Sole God. Those who worship Jesus instead of God will get nothing, Jesus will be the first person to deny them for worshipping him instead of Allah, his Master and God.

    Jesus is one of the most fervent and faithful servant of Allah, so imagine his opinion on the people like you who worship him instead of God. Your false association is a huge sin and hell awaits those who give partners, associates or sons to Allah. (that’s clearly written and repeated again and again)

    I am not muslim, I am muslim by action which means submitted to Allah, I am really not part of Islam, I only obey God and the Quran and believe that the Torah and the Bible are also the Books of God, but the Quran as the Ultimate Book of God prevails on them.

    The muslims, the christians, the jews…, all the organized religions have become sects and are neither obeying their holy books nor worshipping God, instead they worship their prophets, like you worship Jesus, or some muslims worship Muhammad or their imams or whatever…

    The Imam Mahdi and the Dajjal are both inventions of Satan and are not EVEN MENTIONED ONCE in the Quran, just because Satan has invented them.

    I still use this naming as tags to spread my videos, but the true name which apply to Raj Patel is simply: “the False Prophet/Messiah of the NWO/Illuminatis”.

    Jesus won’t come back, the Quran is clear about that (dont confuse the perfect Quran of God with the delirious prophecies of the muslims based on nothing).

    The False Messiah, Raj Patel Maitreya, has announced that he’ll come with Jesus and Imam Mahdi, of course, both of them will be deceivers.

    The Truth is that there is not any expected Messiah, Allah is clear about that, the whole Quran warn about one major events: the destruction of the whole universe and the judgement day.

    Allah asks us to put our faith and hope in Him ALONE by directly obeying his holy books, the Quran prevailing on the previous ones, if you do so, you don’t need any Savior, Allah will directly save you like he did for me.

    I am not here to joke or to produce random warnings, I’ve transmitted to you my SERIOUS WARNING from the Master of the Universe, Allah, the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, now take full responsability of your actions, you’ve been warned enough.

    For sur if you worship Jesus instead of Allah/God, you’ll be lost, because Allah is the only Guide and Protector. Put your faith in God Alone and meditate on my warnings, I really guarantee you it’s worth it.

    Consider yourself as warned you and your community, I’ve exposed my proofs from Allah, I’ve showed that I was under the Guidance of the Almighty, now you’re free.

    I wish you peace and submission to the Almighty.

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  3. 2011abiye says:

    Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too wonderful. I really like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is really a wonderful site.

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