Joel Richardson Interview, Islam in the End times, Imam Mahdi Watch, Rise of Turkey in Mideast

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5 Responses to Joel Richardson Interview, Islam in the End times, Imam Mahdi Watch, Rise of Turkey in Mideast

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  3. Joel , I don’t agree with your conclusions regarding who the anitchrist is or mystery babylon the great is. Mystery babylon is the vatican and the antichrist is the black pope
    Islam is being used to accomplish this goal through freemasonary. The pope has the same desire as the muslims the papacy created Islam for that purpose to kill all belivers of Christ history has proven this with the inquestions The pope has title deed to the temple mount. He is the one who wants to build the third temple. May God enlighten you to the truth.

  4. ohohmrbillJulie Shores says:

    I just seen the video with Joel Richardson. It was a great segment and thank you for that.

    However I would like for all of you to become familar with and study the Imam Fethullah Gulen. Gulen is a Turkish Islamic Preacher worth over 25 billion dollars. He owns and monopolizes the Turkish media by owning news papers, radio staion, Television, publishing houses, and is cornering the market on education through schools. He owns schools in over 120 countries including the United States. Yes the USA has over 125 Charter Schools supported by we the tax payer. The schools are racketeering the money brought in to support phoney Turkish owned and Gulen Devotees NGO, consulting firms, interfaith dialog, travel agencies etc. LAyer upon layers of contractors all Gulen influenced.

    Please please please educate others on this person. Homeland Security and the FBI both fought to get GUlen out of this country. The CIA vouched for him to stay. He live in Pennsylvania. The reason he fled Turkey was to avoid being jailed for telling his followers to overthrow the government by moving within the viegns of the artery of the system. The GUlenist control 70% of the Turkish police. They are forcing non followers out schools for teaching jobs. He controls the Judiciary and lawyers. In fact Gulen is responsible for the arrest of 66 journalists that are now rotting in prison with charges pending. This also includes over 1000 lawsuits I will provide a few links below to help you research. Anyone who stands in there way of conquest they will try to destry this also includes here in the USA. He has a large lobbying group here called the Rumi Forum to influance our laws. Also part of there indoctrination in USA schools they have the Turkish Olympiads all Gulen financed. What is spooking is Austin Tx they are now building the Harmony School of Political Science middle and high school children to groom American sympathetic to the Glen Movement.

    Gulens Veins through the Artery Speech.

    Gulens Shout and Roar speech

    Gulen commands his followers to commit law fare and courts to Sue American Citizens ( Gulen Owns the Zaman Paper )

    CNN VIDEO Gulenists Arrest journalists

    Joshua Hendrick ex Supporter of the Gulen Movement speaks out tells the truth Part one of three

    CBN analogizes the GUlen Movement.

  5. Bakma Daniel Garta says:

    This is serious and people are not listening, May God help us in this World, these children of the Devil are empowered eveyday by their cohorts in the West satan’s agents May the God Lord Increase Your Strength Mr Richardson. Amen , thank you for this Revealing Revelation.

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