Kathleen Keating

Kathleen Keating’s Maitreya Research:  Authored and Compiled By Chase Hunter on 01.10.2010


The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist: Kathleen Keating on Coast to Coast Am Radio, Interviewed By Art Bell on March 5th 2001

This historic radio interview is segmented into 12 parts. The playlist should play all 12 in sequence. Set aside a quiet time, with a couple of hours to yourself, without kids, elders or teens around, during the day, on a sunny day, and have your Bible close at hand while you listen. I am NOT promulgating fear or hate. I am supporting and re-posting access to a historic radio interview with Art Bell of one of the bravest Christian journalists and authors I have ever met, Mrs. Kathleen Keating.  Kathleen had been an associate, friend and professional peer to Father Malachi Martin. She also, ten years ago,  had something VERY important to say to America and the world, just a few months before the Illuminati elite became quite frantic.

They were frantic due to the publication of Kathleen’s famous second book: “Final Warning”, and they were frantic due to the public pressure being applied by Dr. Stephen Greer and his DISCLOSURE UFO research and historic press conference.

So what happened after this heart stopping radio interview? Maitreya crept  away again to hide, and in America, we got 9-11. Think it all over. There are HUGE dots to connect here folks, huge dots.

It’s time for the world to know what’s made a nest in London just a few blocks own the street from one the main Masonic Temples in town. It’s time for America’s Great Spiritual Awakening to move to the next level, which is for the Calls for Divine Intervention to begin being made in prayer, and I mean getting down on one’s hands and knees and praying for this nation and the world like you have ever prayed in your life.

It’s time for America turn aside from the false apostasy of Maitreya’s global advertising “sell job”, and to embrace her REAL destiny as God’s Spiritual Warriors who will stand against this coming apostasy with everything they’ve got spiritually: In the Name and for the sake of the REAL King of Kings who IS and will forever be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Call to HIm for instructions after you listen to this interview.

Chase Hunter



34 Responses to Kathleen Keating

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  4. Ken says:

    I wonder if anyone knows of the where abouts of Kathleen Keating?


    • CK Hunter says:

      Ken I believe she might be living in hiding. I located a Kathleen Keating online and wrote to her but received no reply. I am deeply worried and concerned about Kathleen and wish that she would surface and let the world of Christendom know that she is ok. She has done us a great and wonderful spiritual service. You know that she was a friend of father Malachi Martin, who is rumored to have been murdered for revealing the ID of Maitreya to Kathleen. But hundreds of other shamans, prophets, Christian mystics and other spiritually aware persons had IDed him at around the same time that Martin did, for Kathleen. It was a mass movement of the Holy Spirit that helped to alert America and the world as to what is afoot. You will want to watch and keep your eye also on a man named Rajeev or Raj Patel.


      • Ron says:

        As mentioned elsewhere, Ms. Keating was not a close friend of Father Malachi Martin. He only provided some technical advice for a book she was writing, something he did for many other people. Not all of them were his friends. Additionally, his actual friends, such as the late Father Fiore and Ralph Sarchi, have stated that he was not murdered. He died from a fall in his apartment, not unusual for a man who was almost eighty years of age.

        Finally, Malachy Martin did not state to Kathleen Keating or anyone else that he thought that Maitreya was the Antichrist. Father Martin never claimed to know the identity of the Antichrist. He also stated very clearly on the Art Bell Show shortly before he died that he did not believe that Maitreya was the Antichrist. He never revealed who Antichrist was, he only said that we will know the signs of his arrival. It is funny how these rumours circulate when they have no basis in fact and the truth is readily available. This interview between Art Bell and Malachi Martin where he states that Maitreya is not Antichrist can be found on You Tube.

      • CK Hunter says:

        I am sorry, but you are dead wrong. I have listened to the radio interview that Art Bell did with Kathleen Keating in May of 2005, where she … in her own words, described her long and intimate friendship with Father Malachi Martin and wherein she also reiterated that more than 500 other mystics, visionaries, seers and modern prophets also confirmed that the man who will call himself “Maitreya” – who is affiliated with Share International – will be the final Son of Perdition, aka the Antichrist. She would have no reason to fabricate this and when you read her last book “Final Warning” you understand why. It interests me greatly that a “new wave” of people are now visiting this blog who are quite urgent to try to inform me that Kathleen Keating, in her own words, was wrong.

        Let the deceived continue to be deceived. Informed Christians know that Kathleen was working under the watchcare of the Holy Spirit and that she, and more than 500 others who confirmed her work, was right.

        Leace this site and don’t return with your lies again. Go to him. You deserve everything you are going to get.

        Chase Kyla Hunter

    • Marie838 says:

      I used to look forward to Kathleen’s Egnima Radio Shows and I’ve look everywhere on the web for her website. At first I thought she on a Sabbatical but now it’s been years. I hope she’s O.K. and that if she’s in hiding, that she will resurface soon. Can anyone tell us where she is??? We really need her back. Marie

      • lanulos says:

        In the course of trying to find out what happened to her, I once got an email which said she was safe but was in hiding. According to the email, government agent types had started staking out her farmhouse, and at some point they told her to shut down her operation or face the consequences. I tried to reply to the email, but the reply was returned as undeliverable. I’m so glad I saved copies of almost all her shows.

    • I also wonder about what happened to Kathleen….I hope and pray she’s safe.

  5. Jack Feehan says:

    It is wonderful to know that there are other people out there wondering about the whereabouts of Kathleen Keating. I followed her podcasts and then shortly before she went off the radar she mentioned that she was finalizing her next book and was battling the flu.
    Unfortunately, our country is now going through many trials that she had spoken about. What is especially eerie is the recent musings of a top Vatican official about Satan in the Vatican. This is exactly what Fr. Malachi Martin mentioned in his book many years ago.

    • smiledr. says:

      is any of kate keating shows on youtube to spread the truth???

      • CKH888 says:

        Yes. Go to YT and just do a search :Kathleen Keating” – there’s alot of material there. There is also alot of material on her on this blog you can refer to as well.


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  12. John Mueller says:

    I hope KK is doing well. I was a member of her forum for a few years (cheesesteaks) she is a very gifted and brave lady. I do miss her and others from her forum, I learned a lot from everyone on there. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

  13. dgrwz says:

    Mr. Mueller, what is the url for that old forum, is it still up? Thanks.

  14. Fred Bear says:

    I have been following Kathleen Keating , Art Bell and others for many years. We are close. Another person i fillow Mrk Mallet, is leading the charge, with Spirit Daily and Pelitino journal..and we are just continuing the fight the Kathleen started.

    I expect the Global conscience exame to make a sever impact ( between March and May of any giving year) and things will only get worse until that happens.

    3 things can stop the madness.

    1) The last, and most impactfull will be the Global Conscience Exam

    The Two other escape routs are for the Holy Father alone..with our prayers and sacrifice

    2) The Second option is the Consecration of Russia per Fatima ( See Father Gruner)

    3) The third is the 5th Marion Dogma ( per Dr Mark Marivalli)

    Kathleen is doing what we can all do, pray, sacrifice, and stay filled with hope..staying awake for when God will act.

    Fred Bear

  15. MaRiA CoNcEpCiOn RiVaS says:

    Hello I have recently in the last two yrs begin my personal research on Biblical Prophecies & strange phenomena…. and most of Father Martin Malachi’s web-pages are gone or not safe to be on. I hope Kathleen Keating is out of danger and in God’s Grace…. A faithful beliver….MaRiA805100

    • Ken P. says:

      Maria, I hope you are still reseaching Biblical Prophecies etc….convergence of many signs leading to the return of Messiah are upon us and we need to be prepared for ourselves and those that the Spirit leads us to.

      God Bless you

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  18. Patrick Francis Mary, OMC says:

    Kathleen, if you can read this, I miss you terribly. I think about you daily and pray for your welfare. I am very sorry that the movie you were working on never panned out and that we did not get to sit in the theater to watch it together. I was privileged to have your personal phone number and often heard you reporting black helicopters hovering right out side your windows. You had to move several times I have prayed for you all of these years and look forward to seeing you again in the Kingdom of Godl I mention you personally by name in all of the Masses, which I celebrate to this day. I leave you in the care of Our Holy Mother, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. “Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Blessings! Your clerical friend from CA

  19. Saoirse says:

    thanking all of the above for their sharing of info-
    Kathleen Keating and her website / forum are deeply missed and she remains in our hearts and prayers.

  20. Remnant Clergy says:

    Raj Patel is the secular identity of Maitreya. Francis is the False Prophet of the Bible, the second beast of Revelation chapter 13. Expect those two to offer a “food for all” program soon.

  21. smiledr. says:

    God bless Kathleen Keating n may AA Michael n his army of blue flame angels protect her from all Evil

    may the Power of Christ light be w her always ! jesus said IAM with u Always n he meant Always!

  22. Rocky Encinitas says:

    Sorry, I didn’t keep track of where I found this. I am sure, if you google the whole quote, you could find the person who did the leg work:

    Kathleen A. Keating passed away on December 19, 2010.
    She was 70 years old. The death certificate was issued in
    South Dakota, where I believe her farm she talked of was.
    She’s in the SSDI index.
    Kathleen A. Keating 02/19/1940 – 12/19/2010

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