Look through the archives on this blog at https://333crucible.wordpress.com for an in-depth analysis of the symbolism in Maitreya’s logotype and study how it corroborates with the emerging new age “Co-exist” movement. Feel free to RT and share the information you find. The corroborating reports on Crucible blog go back to the winter of 2010 / 2011. There are at least 6 reports in there to read and share.

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Not much to tell. Um.... I author news and art blogs now & then. :-)
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  1. stacielee says:

    If Jesus now says he only came to save “many”. Not all, how can you “judge” how orhers asend to God.
    Im a Catholic and personally beleive that Jesus Christ is my Savior.
    Someone else must be leading the rest of the bunch to God..??

    • CKH888 says:

      The only spiritual energy in the universe which can lead souls to God is the Presence of the Christ. The global spiritual imposter, tragically, will come. Our test is spiritual discernment and spiritual stamina in holding onto faith through the coming testing. God bless and keep you and keep you close at all times.


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