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Pope Benedict XVI Announces His Resignation, First Pope in Nearly 600 Years to Step Down, Will the Next Pope be “The Last Pope”?

In the early 1980s I walked into a new age bookstore in Colorado Springs, old “Colorado City” to be exact, and posted on the bulletin board was the tear sheet of a full page newspaper announcement boasting:

“The Christ Has Returned and Is Living in London – the ad had been placed in New York Times, and also in the Wall Street Journal. I chuckled, thinking to myself, …well this must be the new spiritual “flavor of the week” in new age circles: Maitreya – Jesus returned and now living in London…right. And that would make me the Queen of England I guess.

I paused and reflected that the Jesus I knew most likely would not have chosen London as his place of waiting. I wondered what the fuss was all about for just a few seconds, then went on my way and forgot all about it.

Long since jaded by what I had already seen in my travels, I considered it just one more piece of kooked out spiritual hogwash, not unlike some of the outrageous statements being made at the time by Ramtha, Shirley MacLaine, David Spangler, or any of the rest of the international new age cliché that always showed up at the same retreats, at the same time, speaking about the Aquarian Age. One could attend one of these new age events in any of several dozen cities anywhere at any time for about $200-$450 for a weekend of non-stop shmoozing and shoulder rubbing with a dozen or so of the hottest new age celebrities on the speaking tour circuit. Every wealthy bored housewife west of the Mississippi knew everything about all of these speakers and their beliefs. The new age movement was in it’s heyday. I assumed that “Maitreya” was the new spiritual soup du jour on the new age lecture circuit.

That was more than 20 years ago. I had already been “investigating” the new age movement for a good ten years by then, and I was in my early 30s. The world certainly did not seem to be grinding to a halt over this full page newspaper announcement. It should have been pretty huge news, you know, Christ returns to earth, is living in hiding in London. So where were the news stories, the TV cameras, the CNN news vans, you know:

What about the rest of the story?

We fast forward to 2008 and the UK Telegraph’s mysterious internet articles by Mick Brown. In essence, Mick wrote that a modern “star of Bethlehem” would soon herald a Christmas Miracle – the Return of the Christ, the World Teacher – the cosmic man who would fulfill the messianic prophecies of every world religion: Maitreya. Oh yeah, that guy. Wow. He sure has been waiting along time. Doesn’t it beg the question: Just exactly what has “Maitreya” been doing while living in hiding in London all these years? I will be revealing what I have learned on that subject on this blog. Please subscribe to stay abreast of my latest research as it’s posted.

So, for new blog guests, I am not new to the “Maitreya” story. I am simply picking up the trail again after catching first sight of the genesis of his international fraud over 20 years ago. I genuinely fear that soon in late 2010 all traces of dissenting views against Maitreya may be scrubbed off the web under an international police state, so while I can, I intend to collect and archive as much research about his global apostasy as I can.

That’s what the site is for. I want everyone, Christians, atheists, Muslims, agnostics, and persons from every religious faith to have a source of information and facts about Maitreya that do NOT  come from mainstream big media,  [ which is all owned by Illuminati families and corporations ] or from Maitreya’s many “public relations” websites, which are all devoted to “selling” him to the world. There needs to be independent truth outlets which are not involved in the global charade which is about to commence on or around 2012. If you read at least 5 or 6 posts and pages on this blog, you will begin to grasp the magnitude of the fraud which now connects Maitreya, Share International, the UN, the Lucis Trust, Benjamin Creme and the “new age” Ascended Masters “peace cults” into a labyrinth of counterfeit spirituality which will literally try to fool the world in the next 7 to 22 years into buying the final Son of Perdition as a global Christ returned, the ultimate abomination, and the ultimate global apostasy. These are hard and terrible facts to have to learn, and this blog is not for the spiritually gullible or the faint of heart.

This introduction will evolve overtime – but that is the 25 words or less. Feel free to re-post anything you locate here, keeping the content, authorship, source and web link-back intact. May God bless and keep every truth seeking soul who arrives here, ready to understand what kind of “counterfeit spirituality” is now upon the world scene.

Chase Kyla Hunter

01.02.2010, updated January 2011

21 Responses to How This Blog Began

  1. CK Hunter says:

    Just make sure you keep the content intact and unaltered and linkback to the original essays and research here. This site is for the world……..we have very little time to get this out. All indicators point to the fact that they will try to pull off a phony second coming using blue beam technology – they have already usd blue beam to broadcast holograms of fake stars of bethlehem all over the world in 2009, so just do the math – this research site has been 30 years in the making (see about this blog link) but now we need to work fast to warn so many millions of innocent people who will believe the false signs and wonders that will be boradcast. Thanks for helping and God bless you! – Chase

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  13. CK Hunter says:

    Hi, I’ve seen this theory before. I will say this much: photos of a younger Obama in 1988 do, oddly, enough, look similar in facial structure to the “Maitreya Kenya” photos. Not sure what to make of it. Not enough info.


  14. CK Hunter says:

    Do you have more or better links? The google search result page does not actually link to anything just states the theory.



  15. Wow, this is really interesting reading. I look forward to following your journey and looking deeper into some of the issues you’ve mentioned here. Thanks!

  16. Greetings,

    I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at

    Can I use some of the information from this blog post above if I provide a backlink back to this site?


  17. wily2 says:

    Interesting post for 01/01/11, I’m in the back seat of the bus on making a unusual remark or reply.
    So ‘who’ might be one of the two players of the novus ordo seclorum (forgive my gk spelling)?
    Rumor has it that a fellow known as the ‘Asyrian’who is a citizen of Israel w/an interesting name, Nimrod, this fellow was Sharon’s advicer and has been very active behind the curtain. My understanding is that he has (much of the time) a positive personality (alluring) who knows how to motivate drones (mindless human beings or well trained) but this is just speculation, do believe the Lord will call His Bride out (up) before this (these) will be revealed. It’s also possible that a Britt born in the 80’s might be slipped in. We know that ‘those’ usefull elite drones want to break the backs of the true American citizens, the Lord (Jesus Christ our redeemer) seems to be playing some interesting cards, if ‘they’ continue w/the non Fabian approach the whole house of cards will collasp, which will cause ‘them’ to really do some insane stuff which would be ‘there’ demise. Satan and buds have wooven their way into all fabric’s of global affairs but some of the thread is rotten, it’s really something that God, before the foundations were laid allowed us to witness some awesome, awesome prophecy unfold, Chase, you and all of those that make this site work have an incredable responsibilty (again, forgive my spelling), you have my (our) prayers, we drought our strength from Him. Hebrews 13:6 is powerful and true!

  18. Well done, this is very fun to read. Have you ever considered submitting articles to news papers?

  19. I believe this internet site holds some really good info for everyone : D.

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