Updated: History Channel “Outs” Generational Illuminati Lucifer Worship Truth to Astounded American TV Viewers

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Copyright 12.19.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

FACT: All American media TV programming must be “cleared” through higher channels of UN authority before it’s released to be aired to viewers. How can I make such an outrageous allegation? Here’s how: A funny thing happened to my TV screen one night in the spring of 2002. I was living in southern California at the time, doing web design for clients in Palm Springs.

I was just sitting down with a plate of salsa and chips to watch David Letterman, when the opening credits for his show kind of “melted away” on the screen and the UN logo appeared instead, filling the entire screen, and froze there, on live TV, for 4 long incredibly revealing minutes. Watching the TV with my jaw on the floor, and having produced several television commercials during my career in advertising and marketing, I knew enough about the workings of television behind the scenes to realize that something somewhere had gone temporarily and terribly wrong at CBS headquarters in NYC, and that most likely soon someone’s head would roll over it.

There it was: the accidental tattle-tale moment. For four long minutes that night in the spring of 2002, the UN logo appeared on my TV screen, instead of the David Letterman logotype. The UN logo was solid black on a grey field, exactly the kind of coloration one would use to insert it as a subliminal in between the frames of regular TV programming. [ The regular UN logo appears as white on a pale blue field. ] At about 30 frames per second the human eye never even sees the image, but the subconscious mind sees and records it instantly. It’s a mind control and indoctrination tactic that was used by Hitler, inserting the logotype and image of the “regime” everywhere at all times, both overtly and covertly. This was obviously a covert use of the UN logotype in American television programming that was never meant to be revealed. I continued to stare in astonishment, mind racing, while the UN logo in black on grey filled the TV screen instead of the opening credits for the David Letterman show, while the upbeat “Letterman” music blared on, until finally the image disappeared and the regular “flying logo” for the David Letterman show resumed it’s usual display.

It was one of the first moments when I KNEW I had to begin writing about the research I had been doing on globalism for more than twenty years. It would take another two years to begin. This is not a pretty story, not fun fiction, or light-hearted chatty blogging about the lighter side of life. Who would want to have to tell their American friends and neighbors this awful story? I wondered about this at the time, back in 2002: who would even believe me if I did begin to write about what I knew? What a difference a few years makes when the Will of God sweeps through a nation, awakening it’s sleeping masses to the danger at hand.

Had I owned a digital camera at the time I would have been scrambling to grab a photo of what I was seeing. Instead all I could do was stand there and gape at the terrible terrible truth. It did not take a leap of rocket science thought to realize that this “UN logotype accident”was telling me a very bad story: the UN may have been piping in subliminals of it’s logotype hidden beneath 0ther logos and images on American television shows at least since 2002, bombarding American TV viewing audiences with subconscious flashes of the UN logotype without them ever even knowing that they were being exposed to it. That’s classic indoctrinating programming methods used by fascist organizations throughout history, to plaster images of the “regime” everywhere, both overtly and covertly, so that the population cannot escape the image of the regime at any time. Hitler did this. The implications of this little boo-boo by CBS in the spring of 2002 were overwhelming. I told friends about it, who of course seemed disinterested and could not understand why I was upset by the implications. They did not grasp the implications at all. I watched the news outlets the next day for any explanation of what had happened. Not a word.

Americans watching TV were by that time already so brain dead that not one person anywhere that I could locate wrote their newspaper or mentioned on any website that this peculiar and revealing moment had taken place. It felt like being the only person alive in a sea of media numbed living dead zombies. I noted it all in my journals, watching all kinds of little moments on TV from then on with suspicion, but I have never seen the “UN logo mistake” take place again since then. But I did not forget it.

Now we flash forward to 2010. The video below, which appeared recently on the History Channel in 2010, signifies the next stage of the UN plan: overt insterad of covert media presentations of their Luciferian agenda, disguised as “a history lesson for Americans.”  This video tells me that the Illuminati men and women who now own approximately 90% of the world’s media, along with everything else, are apparently so confident that their one world government plan cannot fail, that they must feel it’s time to trump the Christian truth researchers [ people like me ] and just come right out with it.

Yes, the Illuminati is real, yes, Lucifer worship is at the very top of it, the UN sits at the center of it, philosophically guided by the Lucis Trust [formerly the Lucifer Trust ] and yes they intend to establish global governance with a world dictator at the center of it. This world dictator will “enter peacefully with flatteries” in the beginning, and will not reveal his true motives until about 2 to 3 years into his reign.

For American Christians, we all know what biblical character that’s going to be.  See https://333crucible.wordpress.com

Here is the video:

Having seen their ugly little in-your-face  “Illuminati advertisement” posted above, courtesy of the History Channel, I can only assume that the Illuminati owned world mass media cartel is now swinging into action in 2011.  Will USA Big media outlets continue to “spill the beans” about the Illuminati and their world governance plans? Will we see more tacitly UN sponsored Luciferian philosophy, disguised as “benign new age spirituality” appear on American TV screens, under the auspices of the Lucis Trust, offending every anguished Christian in America and around the world?

Devout prayer and total invisibility is now the modus operandi for me. I will continue to write about being an eye witness to one of the darkest chapters in American and world history, but I would just as soon gladly die than live in the coming UN one world system that they are encircling Americans with on every side, using Big Media outlets like the History Channel to do it.

I don’t find it entertaining, or comical, or farcical, or anything other than an absolute affront to my soul itself  that I had to watch this History Channel video, so that I could compose a report about it. God will bring swift justice in the end on the souls of the men and women who rejoice in creating TV broadcasts like this one, that had to pass by all the official portals of the media ruling elites before it aired. I am sure they are quite pleased with themselves. I do know this: God always has the last laugh. And the twists and turns of Divine Intervention cannot be predicted by any living sentient being, as those movements all belong to the Providence of God.

Chase Kyla Hunter January 2011

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  11. Rahab says:

    They have infiltrated every area from teaching our children to dentists who implant chips to religions and churches and people who put on fake revivals like Todd Bentley who are handled by them in Kansas City/Missouri who are Knights of Malta and probably illuminati or they may be mind controlled slaves???

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