Federal Government Whistle Blower: “Nibiru Is Real.”

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I found this extended letter in my comments from April 10th 2012 this morning. Here it is, unedited:

“Nibiru exists. I know, its hard to believe that when no “official” people or governments have said anything or announced its existence. But you see, that’s the way they, the government/media wants it. They want to keep it a secret because of as right now, they’re not sure how close or how far away Nibiru will come to Earth.. so they don’t want to make any official reports to the public about the issue.. because they don’t want to be wrong. That’s what it boils down to. I worked for a certain branch of the U.S. Government.. and I’m telling you, it exists.. and I can also tell you that the other reason why the media doesn’t talk/cover the subject of Nibiru.. is because the U.S. Government slapped a ‘GAG order’ on the media.. meaning they can’t let any information about Nibiru out to the public until they have been noted otherwise.

I was ‘let go’ from my position from within the U.S. Government simply because I didn’t agree with certain peoples ‘higher ups’ decisions on keeping this issue a secret.. and I was let go the very next day. I didn’t agree that something as dangerous as the issue of Nibiru and its moons heading towards our solar system/planet.. should be kept “Classified” until otherwise noted. The other major issue that we will have, and soon.. are major Solar Flares. When I say major.. I mean just that. I’m talking about Solar Flares of the likes that we’ve never seen before and if they were to hit Earth.. this massive high powered Solar Flares would and will take out the entire National Electric Grid. Meaning, we instantly go back to the stone-age era.. way of living.

Lastly, do I expect anyone to believe any of this that I’m making public? Why no.. I don’t. Why? Simply because too many posers are connected to the internet these days. Too many kids/teens that didn’t have an “identity” before they got the internet. It’s different with me though.. because I have no reason too lie about this.. and unlike a lot of these ‘scare mongerers, that get off by scaring others… I’m simply trying to let what I know out to the public.. in hopes of possibly getting some of you to open your eyes and see whats REALLY going on within the U.S. Government. My goal is to expose the lies that the U.S. Government throws at its people.. the citizens of this country, the United States of America.

I could go on and on.. and even post some non-public data about Nibiru that I obtained through an anonymous source from a close friend that worked for the same branch of government, within the U.S. Government. But I think it might be best to come up with a plan to cover my own ass and my tracks before letting the data out of the cage. It’s a PDF file that contains signatures of some very important people within the U.S. Government.. as well as unpublished data/information about Nibiru.. as well as legit infared (I.R.) photos from the S.P.T. (South Pole Telescope; AKA ‘Nibiru Tracker’.) that clearly show Nibiru and its Moons. The file contains the Forward Velocity of Nibiru.. the current speed at the time the file was recorded.. etcetera. I may be getting ahead of myself here.. and I don’t want to accidently let out too much or too specific information.. until I find a way to let the data/information that is contained within the PDF file, out to the public.. yet still let me remain TOTALLY anonymous and not have to worry about ever being tracked/traced down. Give me time and maybe I’ll be able to figure out a way of doing it. Just know that whenever I figure out how to let this information out to the public without me having even a slit of a chance of being caught/prosecuted.. just know when that time comes, the file will be publicized on WikiLeaks. So be sure you keep an eye on WikiLeaks during this Summer and this coming Fall seasons.

That’s all I know to say at this moment.. without getting too specific about things.. so this is where I’ll leave it. Just keep watching/checking WikiLeaks, and I’m sure that even if you don’t, you’ll hear about this file being released as its going to totally EXPOSE the U.S. Governments knowledge and lies about Nibiru and where its headed. Thanks to those who took the time to read this.. and God Bless you all.”

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