See for more in-depth research about Nibiru, including video footage from around the world.

2012 The Awakening

From time to time it’s interesting to check in with the Planet X crowd to see what’s happening. Most of you know I don’t subscribe to the theory that we’re going to get hit by a rogue planet, although I do believe Nibiru exists as a planet and that to some extent it “may” be one of the many factors affecting our solar system. Since the earth has been experiencing an increase with incoming fireballs, it raises the question of where are they coming from.  It could be an inbound planet that broke through the asteroid belt sending boulders out in every direction, or maybe they’re being carried in by a planetary body. The fact that every major country has a observatory on Antarctica and very little information gets released to the public on the data coming in, raises the question “What are these countries looking at and why don’t…

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