Raj Patel, Before His “Messiah” Naming by Share International Followers, and After

Copyright 12.21.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

In the video linked below you will see a 48: 30 duration talk given by Raj Patel on October 18th 2010 to an audience at the University of Windsor. Based on the University’s website, I cannot ascertain exactly where the campus is actually located, as the text reads “North America as it faces Canada” and only mentions the state of Michigan in passing. Bizarre.

About the University

The University of Windsor is located at the crossroads of North America, 15 minutes from the start of Highway 401 or Michigan’s I-75, and facing one of Canada’s most beautiful waterfronts on the Detroit River. That location speaks to UWindsor’s greatness as an internationally oriented, multi-disciplined institution that actively encourages a broad diversity of students, faculty and staff. Those strengths vault it to the forefront of Canadian universities in the creation of an awareness and appreciation of difference — difference in ethnic backgrounds, difference in cultures and difference in dreams.

This video below displays Raj Patel in his new “Global Food Czar” modality. There is nothing quiet, self-effacing or humble about the manner in which he states his case. Rather, I would say that the incredible notoriety which has come his way this year, having been veritably named the “Messiah” by Share International devotees, has had a profound impact on both this man’s personality and the manner in which he speaks. Patel delivers this talk the “democratization of the food industry” with grandiose gesturing, great pomp, flamboyant turns of phrase, and the thrust of his chin constantly tilting up and forward as he speaks is noted. That is a sign of great arrogance and hidden aggression. This is a man totally unlike the person we saw on the Colbert Show TV appearance early in January of this year, who was stammering, sweating profusely, and almost melting to the floor in shy self effacement under the glare of Colbert’s bizarre comic antics while being studied by a mildly curious TV studio audience.

My sense of this man at the time is that he is adjusting himself to the fact that he is now famous, in demand, and bearing hefty enough academic and historical credentials to become a serious heavyweight player on the world political scene, not unlike the rising Henry Kissinger of 45 years ago. I sensed also a bravado, and the intention to polish his public speaking skills on these smaller and adoring crowds who fawn over him and most likely attend to his every need as if he were a rock star.

The woman who introduced Raj Patel for this speech spent 4 minutes reciting his credentials, achievements, UN resume and so forth before she called him up. It was more than overkill. If we have a false world messiah in the making here, then you and I have unprecedented access to the “Before the Maitreya announcement Patel” and can compare that 11 months later to the “After the Messiah announcement Patel”. Indeed there is a change taking place.

[ During Patel’s appearance Mr. Colbert conducted himself in a manner so vulgar and bizarre I thought he had lost his mind. Patel just sat there smiling the whole time, admittedly he did not seem to be very comfortable with the antics being displayed. I want readers to compare that appearance with the University of Windsor appearance below, to note the profound changes in Raj Patel since January of 2010.]

Pay close attention to what he says in his last 12 minutes, as all the coded phrases and keywords for what he wants to do are all there. He who has ears, let him / her hear.


Raj Patel Speaks About the Global Food Crisis at the University of Windsor:


Other recent video appearances in 2010 by Raj Patel

More video appearances by Raj Patel in 2010:



Chase Kyla Hunter


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11 Responses to Raj Patel, Before His “Messiah” Naming by Share International Followers, and After

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  2. Alan Collins says:

    Please get your facts right! Although some members of the public who have been “followers” of Benjamin Creme’s story (which is quite different from being “followers of Benjamin Creme” (which innacurately suggests that he is a cult leader) have indeed named Raj Patel as Maitreya, but Mr Creme has printed this response (Share International May 2010 page 22. (quote): I have never pointed to a person and called him Maitreya. As I told Scott James, the journalist who started this story in a New York Times article, I have never heard of Raj Patel. I have never met him and know only what others are saying about him. As I said to Mr James, it is not my work to say that anyone is or is not Maitreya, nor will I do so until Maitreya acknowledges His true identity on the Day of Declaration. I also told Mr James that Mr Patel could not be Maitreya. Apparently he was only a child of four when Maitreya arrived in London in July 1977, as a fully adult man (in a self-created indestructable body).” Another thing you should understand is that there is no such thing as “Share International Members”. Share International is a monthly journal which has subscribers, only. It would be best if you stopped imagining the worst case scenario but realised that the Antichrist has been and gone in the form of Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese Empire during World War 2. And I suggest you ignore any gossip from people who egotistically want to be the first to spot Maitreya and “out” him by naming Him. As Benjamin Crme has said this is not his job, and he will not point a finger at Maitreya, or Jesus, or any other of those immortal Masters who have returned to help mankind survive this crisis of capitalism. God bless you, anyway.

    • CK Hunter says:

      Blah blah blah blah YOU get the facts straight. Creme went to GREAT lengths in a speech in early January 2010 to “tell the world” with hushed breathless drama about how “Maitreya” had just delivered his very first TV interview on Prime Time American television. Truth researchers began scouring the web looking for anyone who might fit such a description and the only man who did was Raj Patel. Raj then played right along with the entire PR stunt [ that’s exactly what the whole thing was ] by placing a huge photo of Maitreya on his blog, taking the “hand print” test which was an exact match, and coyly placed a Monty Python comedy video on his blog where crazed followers beg “Jesus Christ” to please come to the window. If Patel did not want the association or the notoriety he would not have done these things, which made it all worse [ or better ] for him.

      “Self created indestructible body … my ass. You are a kool aid nutjob who can’t stand in line fast enough to greet this SOB when the fraud picks up steam.
      I am sitting here in my own “self created indestructible body” fool. We all have one: it’s called the etheric body, or the higher Light body and it interfaces with the physical. It’s the spiritual body.

      I know for a fact that Share International has members, is sponsored and funded by the UN and I probably know more about it than you do. There are Maitryea “devotees” all over the world: chelas, disciples, members, subscribers, kool-aid drinkers, the gullible, new age loons, ascended master believers ….. pick a number. Same difference.

      In fact, on http://maitreya.org it’s clearly stated that a purported bio of the human past of Maitreya was compiled by “his devotees.”

      Share International is:

      a website dedicated to perpetrating the world spiritual fraud of Maitreya

      a monthly journal funded by the UN

      a mountain of lies.

      Chase Kyla Hunter

      • TheTruthIsFromGod says:

        I fully agree with you.

        SI workers are very numerous and are doing their job of disinformation… they are ridiculous by denying the evidence, but what to expect from a puppet of satan?

        Raj Patel is Maitreya, Raj Patel is a shape-shifter, Raj Patel is a huge deceiver and Raj Patel enjoys the support of VERY powerful people, the hidden elite… Over 1 year, he’s passed from total anonymity to a status of world celebrity, even compared to the dalai lama (a fellow of Raj Patel, a puppet of the devil)

        These people want us to speak about Raj Patel, even if we’re exposing his true nature, they are fine with that, all they want is that we speak about him…they know that most of the people will reject our recommendations (because they are against God and religions), but meanwhile, they will discover Raj Patel and his holistic New Age speeches.

      • CK Hunter says:

        Although I have never said myself that Raj Patel is “Maitreya” I am suspicious of the media blitz which commenced in 2010 to “introduce Raj Patel” to the world, after Behamin Creme’s infamous London House speech in early 2010, where he announced with great drama that “Maitreya” had just given his first TV interview on an American mass media show on an TV station. Raj was identified by several other truth researchers via YT because he was the only dark skinned man who stuttered who had given an interview on American TV during that time slot.

        I posted an article about a year comapring the “Kenyan Maitreya” photos to photos of Raj Patel and they are not the same man.

        So the quandry is this: there are now two different men whom many people have seen, who are both alleged to be possibly be Maitreya.

        The taller one has never been seen since 1988 in the Kenya photos, that is to say, he has never been photographed again.

        Patel denies he is Maitreya, but his speeches and philosophy parrot the Share International teaching right down the line.

        So I watch. And I wonder: why were there two completely different men who have been alleged to be this cosmic character?

        No answers are really forthcoming, but I am watching Patel.

        That’s all I am willing to say.


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  6. TheTruthIsFromGod says:

    Maitreya, aka Raj Patel, is a shapeshifter, watch my next episode on him, you’ll understand. Over 35 episodes of my series, the number of proofs which identify Raj Patel as Maitreya is growing more and more…

    I’ve never seen a man like Raj Patel, he’s not human for many many reasons I’ve evoked in my series. Even if Raj Patel is eventualy just playing the role of Maitreya, for sure he’s a devil and a shapeshifter, but I do think that Raj Patel is indeed Maitreya.

    Feel free to use any of my episodes, our common goal is to spread the Light of God and to expose the devils.

  7. TheTruthIsFromGod says:

    Watch these 2 last episodes, Raj Patel is totaly exposed as a shapeshifter and a devil:

    part 35:

    part 36:

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