How to Recognize the False Deception of the New “One World Religion” of Maitreya

Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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11.21.2010 Posted by CK Hunter – Please share these videos and research with everyone you know and love.

“A Strong Delusion”


This revealing blasphemous video [presented below, after my signature ] contains a key revelation as to how the final Son of Perdition will use the symbols of his dark logotype to present a slick and elaborate worldwide  false spiritual teaching, which is designed to fool the very Elect. This false teaching will be so smoothly delivered and presented as to cause millions of Christians to submit to it, if they do not pray for the watch care of the Holy Spirit to envelope and protect them. Just as the bible teaches, this man will have the “understanding of dark sentences” and will enter in with flattery.

Be VERY CAREFUL as you study this video below. It is deceptive, but it contains the kind of “unifying” religious theme that the whole world is yearning for right now. That’s why this false teaching is so intoxicating. It seems like just exactly what the whole world needs – but the teaching will be shown to be false, when it is revealed where they place the Lord Jesus Christ in their Universal pantheon. That is the key.

Know in advance that the teaching this man will present will be a “counterfeit” form of global one world religion, designed to look like, sound like, and appear as a unifying religious doctrine, but it is a FALSE DOCTRINE. You will know it is a false doctrine by the position the teacher assigns to Jesus Christ in his presentations. That is the key to tearing the mask off the fraudulent new “one world religion” which will be presented using this logotype as it’s indoctrinating symbolism.

Share this post with every Christian that you know and love. Pray for the watch care of the Holy Spirit to protect and help every Christian around the world to discern the truth, and to know the truth from the slick and sophisticated lie which this fraudulent “world teacher” will use to try to literally fool the world.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Here is the video:

Other Significant New Videos:

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27 Responses to How to Recognize the False Deception of the New “One World Religion” of Maitreya

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  9. David Sanchez says:

    Beloved be not deceived- No Religion, No Church, No Pastor, No Priest, No Good Works, No Science, No Philosophy, No Education, No 7 Sacraments could ever take you to heaven. The Bible is very clear when is says- For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The good news is Jesus Christ said- I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father (God), except through me… Therefore to go to heaven , you must truly repent of all your sins, receive Jesus Christ as your only Lord and Savior, and remain faithful to Jesus teachings to the end*** by David Sanchez

    • CK Hunter says:

      Sir you are preaching to the choir. But thanks. Yes, Christians know this. And thank you for posting it as a reminder. Thanks for your visit. God bless and keep you David. Come back to visit again and you can follow me on Twitter under: @Altnewsforum


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  16. sistertongue says:

    Well, for me, the issue here is requiring anyone to pledge to anyone else’s idea of spirituality in order to belong as a citizen of anything, let alone a new world order. A belief in Jesus is not the antithesis/antidote to this bizarre, new age Maitreya thing (I started seeing those weird ads in mags many years ago – crazy stuff). Nor should a belief in Jesus make anyone one of the “good guys.” It’s just a belief system. Nor is the Bible any more truthful than anything else. I took, “bible as literature,” in high school and was glad I did so – discernment with regard to anything is essential and that class gave me the tools to apply that skill wherever I look.

    I do appreciate the videos. I have often been given the blavatsky/bailey books and I could never make sense of them and they never did much for me – I guess I always intuitively knew they were strange, obscure tomes designed to mask a hidden agenda.

    It is really too bad to see that truly sacred, ancient spiritual practices from highly developed, peaceful civilizations have been taken and warped into such twisted ideas by modern humans.
    I really enjoy your site. Though I do not agree with all of it, you provide a plethora a very interesting reading which leads to questions and reflections.

    • CK Hunter says:

      Sister Tongue [weird name] you can believe whatever you want to. It’s clear by your commentary you are just passing judgment on other’s faith in Christ and the Bible, without having taken that next step of actually investigating what the Bible says.

      For me, after a lifetime of studying hundreds of esoteric and “new age” books, the Bible KJV is one of the most profound and mysterious spiritual documents I have ever read. I believe that great spiritual and eternal truths are hidden in the passages of the Bible. I don’t really appreciate site guests that show up and avail themselves of my research and then proceed to attack the source of my faith, which is Jesus. Loving Jesus for me is much more than a belief system. Be careful in your words. I take care not to offend the beliefs of others as much as I can, even when they are worshiping some very strange things.

      Thankfully, you are not the last word on these topics, and of course, neither am I. But my walk with Jesus is something I will defend and exalt until the day I die and beyond. What mortal men have done with His teachings is very far and low from what He did and said when He was here. You have to know Him personally, live for Him to understand. 98% of people have no idea who or what Jesus is or was when He was alive.

      He was the living incarnation of the love of the Father for His creation, he was the living embodiment of Divine and Unending Eternal Love. I would die for him gladly, as He certainly laid down his life for me. Just something I felt I wanted to say to you.


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  18. Ant says:

    In order to know the true you can not use king james on english, you need to go to the root on greek and arameic and hebrew, the modern languages has a poor translation based on passive voices and not actives and they were made 90% by jesuits, yes do a litle research and you will find they are the ones that translate 90% of the bibles in the planet.

    GBY my friends

    • CK Hunter says:

      I know all about the root languages issues, and study at least five different bibles, including a very rare one in Aramaic. God bless and keep you. Do not assume you are the only one who knows certain things. Dozens of books in the original scriptures have been omitted entirely. The Vatican has done more to suppress the truth than any other religious institution on earth. That’s why the Urantia Book appeared. Take one year out of your life and read the Urantia Book without rushing to judgment. Then the next level of your spiritual eyes will be opened and when you return to the holy scriptures you will see hundreds of things you were blind to before. One needs the right key to open higher doors.


      • Holly says:

        CK, I’m curious about the Urantia, but it makes me quite nervous. There’s so much deception and evil out there, but I’m developing discernment daily. Yeshua is my Lord God and Saviour and I’ve always been taught that the Bible is it and it would be blasphemy to read elsewhere including the Apocrypha. But I know that Jesus quotes the book of enoch–what’s up with that? Makes me wonder about a lot. And I’m truly well aware of the history of the catholic church. I’d love to hear your comments and of course I will continue in prayer for wisdom and insight. Thanks, and God bless!!

      • CK Hunter says:

        Holly if it’s a sin to read other spiritual and religious books other than the Bible then I’m doomed. I don’t believe for one minute that God would give me an IQ of 162 and then forbid me to read!! Here is my belief: every single religion on this earth, including Christianity has now been corrupted and manipulated by men to control each other to the point that nearly nothing is left of the religions of the world which is true good and pure in the spiritual sense. But the account written about the Life and Teachings of Jesus in the Urantia Book moved me, and does so each time I re-read it. I wanted to know about his entire life, not just the three years of His public Mission. One of the most serious problems I have had with the Bible, which I read and re-read each year [ right now I am in Jeremiah ] is the amount of death, carnage and bloodshed in the Old Testament. It’s just really hard for me to endure that. You might call me blasphemous, but scriptures written by men really cannot capture God’s glory. What they capture instead is lots and lots of death, tyranny, and all the other routinely evil ways that men treat each other on earth. I believe the Bible is an inspired document in places. In other places I think it struggles to remain an accurate record. Those books were compiled over 800 years and many books are now missing which should be there. The modern Bible re-interpreted as the NIV or New International Version is a total debauchery of the true linguistic purity of the KJV, which is the only version I will read.

        Here is the bottom line for me, which will probably upset you deeply but I am sorry I can’t do anything about that. One cannot know God through reading a book. Any book. Knowing God and walking with Him for me comes through meditation and prayer. There’s not an hour in the day when I am not praying about something on some level. If reading holy books could make us all more spiritual, don’t you think we would be there by now? Holy Books have been around for 5,000 years, beginning with the oldest religion in the world, which is the Hindu religion. So humankind has had thousands of years to learn how to live by reading books and look around you. What do you see?

        It’s not in the books – even the scriptures, although they can help – it’s what’s in a man’s heart that judges him in God’s eyes.


  19. wxchh says:

    Topics forum led me to register. I do not know English well but I’ll try to write often and correctly.

  20. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh, Chase. I respect you greatly, just so you know, or else I wouldn’t have felt compelled to even reply on your blog. I thank you deeply for taking the time and energy to respond to little ol’ me, especially with such a grand mission you have going here. I so appreciated what you said, and truthfully, the delicacy of your approach. I can tell so much where you are in your faith and my goodness, I respect that a lot. I agree that there’s really quite a lot in the Bible that is jaw dropping, but to me it signifies the earthly, worldly realm that we live today and truthfully, from the beginning. But It keeps me close and even closer daily to Him because of it. This is not my home and seeing and reading the carnage reminds me and keeps me faithful to Him (I don’t really hang there anyway! too much other grand reading that keeps me in LOVE). I do read a lot of all kinds of things, but to me it is imperative that the Deity and Redemption of Jesus Christ is not messed with or I will not entertain it. Yes, the KJV and the Textus Receptus are the versions to uphold always. But I’m really right there with you about prayer and meditation!! It’s the way to go! But isn’t it fabulous that we have such an insatiable thirst for God’s Truth. May God bless you and keep you my friend. And thank you so much for your reply. I will keep reading your blogs!! Oh and I have no idea what my IQ is, definitely not a 162… not even close. But I’m sure it’ll be much better where I pray I will be with Jesus! –Holly PS I love the picture of you! Wow, so cool.

  21. Particularly well executed writing

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