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Joel Richardson Interview, Islam in the End times, Imam Mahdi Watch, Rise of Turkey in Mideast

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Antichrist Maitreya Aligns with Illuminati HAARP Blue Beam Norway Spiral, Plans Global TV Ad Campaign: Urgent Breaking Report for Christians

Connecting the Dots Between Prophecy, World News, Dark Science, HAARP Blue Beam Technology, Earth Changes, Global Apostasy, the Obamanation, Socialism, Project Blue Beam, Antichrist Maitreya, the New World Order, and the Illuminati’s Evil Plans to RFID Microchip, Monitor and Totally Control Your Existence for the Rest of your Adult Life. Divine Intervention is NOW taking place via the Internet. Get off the sidelines and help. Begin by reading and sharing this page. Then take action while you have time. Continue reading

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