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I authored all of the posts and research which appear on this blog during the winter of 2009 / 2010 in response to the bizarre announcement by new age guru Benjamin Creme that “Maitreya had made his first worldwide TV appearance.”  Christian apostasy watchers and bloggers everywhere weighed in what this strange announcement may have alluded to over the next several months and years, myself included. Global food expert Raj Patel was eventually pounced on by Creme followers over at Share International, as they collectively decided that the persona referenced must have been Raj Patel. Patel was making a round of television appearances at the exact time that Creme announced with great drama that “Maitreya” had appeared on TV for the world to see, but that he appeared without fanfare as a normal natural mortal man.

Patel then added fuel to the fires of speculation by posting photos of Maitreya Buddha on his blog, matching his hand print to the Maitreya hand print, [ it was an exact match ] and making other odd and ambiguous statements which could be interpreted in a variety of ways. Finally Patel stated he was flattered but that he was not Maitreya. Many of Creme’s followers continued to re-anoint him world savior,  in spite of his continually refuting that he was the incarnation of Maitreya.

Many somewhat fanatical Christian apostasy watchers also decided that Patel was the incarnation of Maitreya, thus he was at one and the same the final Son of Perdition, aka the Antichrist. You will find videos all over YT which examine every moment, every speech, every press release issued from Raj Patel to try to de-code any AntiChrist evidence from same.

The entire global episode was bizarre, and for myself and dozens of other online writers Benjamin Creme is decidedly one card short of a full deck and not a credible mouthpiece for anything, much less the coming world savior.Once I watched a video interview in which Creme denied the Divinity of Christ, I was finished. That did it for me. I think he is a very misguided man, one who reminds me alot of the old time “Carney” or a snake oil salesman from days gone by.

I DO believe that there will be an imposter of Christ on a global scale. Further, I believe this worldwide apostasy will happen during my lifetime. I also believe that the legend of the 12th Imam dovetails almost exactly with the biblical prophecies of the final Son of Perdition. If readers are unfamiliar with author Joel Richardson, you might want to check out some of his recent titles. There’s  a great deal to learn there. Since late 2011 I have mostly stopped following the “Raj Patel is Maitreya” story, since it was rife with all-out ridiculous-ness.

But I agree with Kathleen Keating. The man who will appear on the world stage and accept the title of “Maitreya, world teacher” is the most likely candidate to be the same man who has been called the “Son of Perdition” in the Bible. I keep my eyes open. And I do continue to post what I find now and again.

Thus there is a great deal of really good research on this blog about Maitreya,  including the wild claims made by Creme of Maitreya’s advent as a world savior to all religions, and many posts about the sickening similarities between Maitreya and the Islamic savior known as the 12th Imam, aka the Imam Mahdi.  So give it a good read. There’s much to learn.

I have left the blog up as all the research herein is still relevant. If you want to follow my current writing and reporting since late 2010 to the present subscribe to one of these other popular news blogs, which I author:






Oh, by the way: strange things happen online when I write anything that has the text “Maitreya” in it. This has been going on for years now. I have no explanation for it whatsoever. When I went to hit the “publish” button to post this notice, here’s what came up on my screen:

areyouosure-screenI had to hit the “back” button to get out of this screen and then hit the “publish” button again to get the post to actually appear online.  How odd is that?

First time visitors …

See also: “How This Blog Began”

6 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Diane says:

    Any updates on the status of Kathleen Keating?

  2. Diane says:

    Thanks! And I subscribed also to the companion blog. I just wrote Father Gruner asking if he heard anything. If I get a response, I’ll let you know privately first.

    • CKH888 says:

      To DM: you are just as safe to reply to me via this blog as via email. All email is more or less monitored via computer programs continously now through the NSA and other US spy orgs, I’m sorry to say. I’d like to add that a person should NEVER under any circumstances type something into an email which they don’t want to be read by strangers. So everyone, keep that in mind during your email dialogues.


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