Will the REAL Maitreya Please Stand Up? World Christendom Wants To Know

01.27.10 By Chase Hunter

Before I get into this ugly subject, which I do not rally enjoy researching or writing about, I’d like to remind all readers that a truly Divine Being will never deny his Divinity. Jesus did not say:

“I and the Father ARE NOT One.”

He made it very clear to His Disciples and followers by stating calmly:

“I and the Father Are One.”

Now hat we have made that very clear, it seems that confusion and speculation abound as to why there are now apparently two “Maitreyas” in the minds of a confused public. My guess, my deep gut tells me that whatever they were planning, it has backfired badly. Mr. Creme may just be the worst PR man in the history of promoting false messiahs.

Raj Patel on his blog has denied being Maitreya, and that should clear things up for many. What’s nt real funny to me is that he also happily embraced all the potential adoration and posted a very mocking, disrespectful to Jesus and “not too tongue in cheek” Monty Python video and a photo of a statue of the Maitreya Buddha on his blog under the title: “Call me Brian.” This alludes to the Monty Python video. Interestingly, this page comes up when you type in the word Maitreya into his blog’s search form. Very cute. Or actually, not cute at all.

It’s another ploy designed to keep the world guessing while making fun of the whole issue of Share International’s trumpeting of the Second Coming of Christ. I don’t know about you, but Christians, and myself included in that body, take these kinds of things quite seriously, as the Bible warned us clearly of how things would be in the Last Days.

For those still wondering why Raj Patel was passed off as Maitreya, all I can say is the word “fraud.” Or perhaps “snake oil”, “bait and switch”, “scam”, lousy PR tactics designed to create a “clamouring” – who knows?

But they are not the same man. Here are photos below. The first photo is Maitreya in Nairobi in 1988. The photo beneath it is Raj Patel in 2010. So, we are now left this comical nonsense, with the original 1988 Maitreya from the Share International website, pictured below, and the new short haired improved, self effacing “I’m not the guy” dude, Raj Patel.

Other False Signs, Lying Wonders, Holograms, Projected Images and Whatever

My take is this non-event TV interview and the bait and switch routine  has all been contrived and pre-calculated to keep people searching, and wondering, and is about as Divine as Houdini was. He was one of the first acclaimed men of reknown who was an expert at disappearing and escaping while in the plain sight of adoring crowds. Apparently the “Maitreya” illusion is the next great magic act of the early 21st century. There is no Second Coming here folks. Just an ongoing mockery of the confused public. Those in other countries might fall for the false signs and lying wonders shown in the links below. But America will not be duped by this. We love our King, and we will know Him when He really does return. My gut tells me it’s not too far away.

Chase Hunter

==note what this blogger says about at least 2 Maitreyas ==

Maitreya, Barack Obama, And Kenya—What’s The Connection?

By Tim | December 15, 2008 | Tags: General |
What is the connection between Maitreya, Barack Obama, and Kenya? Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea posts about a mysterious article that appeared on MarketWatch December 12th:

MaitreyaMaitreya in Kenya 1988

“Readers, for years I have been telling Christians about Share International and its claims that the ‘World Teacher’, international man of peace, Maitreya, is coming on the scene. I have quoted founder Benjamin Creme, a man I have interviewed, and told you how in recent days, the Presidency of Barack Obama is being heralded as the beginning of a new era of this supposed world teacher. Supposedly, Maitreya made an appearance in Kenya, back in the 80’s.”

Here is an excerpt from the Share International press release:

“For years the world has been filled with miracles of all kinds. In April 1995 Time magazine devoted an eight-page spread to its cover story on miracles and concluded: ‘People are hungry for signs.’

“Look now for the biggest miracle of all. In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world — night and day.

“Unbelievable? Fantasy? No, a simple fact. Around a week later, Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, will begin his open emergence and — though not yet using the name Maitreya — will be interviewed on a major US television program.”

Stay tuned.

I read an interesting article regarding Maitreya today (12/22/2009) at Contending for Truth. Benjamin Creme says Maitreya’s appearance will be heralded by four UFOs appearing separately in four quadrants of the earth.

I have posted a photograph of Maitreya for context. This photograph has been circulating for quite a while and is probably not the expected Maitreya.

It’s also interesting to note that Share International says the Norway spiral was one of Maitreya’s stars which are supposed to herald his imminent appearance.

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29 Responses to Will the REAL Maitreya Please Stand Up? World Christendom Wants To Know

  1. Greg Lewis says:

    We love our King, and we will know Him when He really does return. My gut tells me it’s not too far away.

    what does this mean exactly? what will be the criteria by which you Recognize Jesus, when He returns? how will you know for SURE, He is Him!?

    • Day says:

      I answered you privately on email with several attachments. Let me know if those did not come through. I have predicted late last year that we are about 45 years away from the actual REAL second coming, not the many faux make believe ones they are trying to force to happen so they can get their godless UN superstate…


      thanks for your visit and for caring enough to ask the right questions.

      You are on the trail… feel your way along. It’s in the heart, the soul, not the head necessarily.


  2. Dave says:


    You are getting all hot and bothered about nothing. Maitreya and Jesus are on the same side. The only people on the other side are those who want to create divisions, disunity and separation in the world.

    However, just to let you know, Maitreya has never denied his divinity – He just will not affirm or acknowledge it until the Day of Declaration. He does not look like the photo from Share International but he is definitely not Raj Patel. He does look Indian/Pakistani and will probably have a muslim name (Raj Patel is not a muslim name).

    Best Regards


    • Day says:

      Dave, everything you write me trying to defend “Maitreya” just confirms again and again what my soul knows. I am nothing but utterly calm about what I know, and you could not be more wrong.

      I want you off this site, and back in “Maitreya’s arms of deceit – I want no further contact with you. I have spent 28 years following this charade, and you may or may not even be 28 years old.

      Maitreya is an imposter on a world scale, but just like numismatics, only those with the sharpest skills and discernment will be able to tell the authentic thing from the nearly flawless counterfeit.

      Just the mere fact itself that he will not look like the photo on the Share International website is just ONE MORE revealing fact about the fraud that is afoot. Raj Patel is the man who denied his Divinity –

      Maitreya is still in hiding and the tv interview was a hoax and all of Christendom knows it.

      Please just move on and go back to worshipping the wrong everything, which you are determined to do. You have not the slightest idea who and what you are dialoging with here. I am not interested in giving you any more forum time for your preposterous attempts to explain this all away. Don’t bother to reply, it will be deleted.

      Thanks for giving other readers a crystal clear portrait of how far Maitreya supporters will go to prop this fraud up, by even trying to offer your own crazy justification by claiming that when he appears he won’t look like the photos on the Share International site.

      That’s the most absurd thing I have ever heard; you are lost my man, go on and be just as lost as you can possiby justify to yourself and others.

      You don’t know enough about any of it to even be commenting, unless you are Raj writing me under an assumed name.

      How would you know what Raj’s secret religious beliefs are? Or what his name means?

      Backwards it spells : Letap Jar – “the tap jar” …. i. e. the one who has been tapped as a vessel. That intrigued me somewhat. Time will tell and we will know them by their fruits.

      I’m not wasting another minute of my time on this exchange with you. Leave. Don’t come back.

      Chase Hunter

  3. modres says:

    You know what I think is interesting? Though I’m not sure who or what Raj Patel is, it is interesting to hear people talk of Maitreya appearing in one form and then another. The implication of course, is that his first appearance may be on one person, but later on in another.

    OR, Raj could simply be another in a long line of false messiahs.

    The other fascinating thing is how much the many teachings and messages of “aliens” mirror biblical doctrine, but of course, it is turned around, in favor of the “alien theology.” You know, when the Rapture happens, it will actually be the “great evacuation” or “ascension.” One view states that the people who are taken are the malcontents of earth, who are keeping the earth from evolving to the next plane.

    It’s interesting to see how it’s all working out.


  4. FG says:

    Maybe Benjamin et al are just testing the temperature of the waters of public opinion which would explain the non-committed approach? If the public don’t want a Messiah, they save face because they haven’t committed to anything. But if or when they -the public- do want, they get! Raj could easily wake up one day, be whisked away and brainwashed/ programmed to BE the Matreiya when the time’s right. (He wouldn’t be the first to receive such programming). Le Tap Jar indeed.

    • Day says:

      That is precisely what I intuit they are up to…. in the states we call these test scenarios run by the FED “psy ops”

      They put out a particular media tsunami about something, an issue, a this or a that -to test the waters, and gauge
      public response. Then based on which way the wind blows they either proceed to pack it up and try the next thing.
      Once you get good at spotting these media psy ops – or … psychological operations – you can see them coming a
      mile away.

      Raj, on his blog, was clearly flattered by all the attention and cooperated with the whole thing, even posting a photo of
      the maitreya buddha on his blog. He is a UN insider, and I am sure he may possibly be a “Maitreya” contender. The original “Maitreya” of the 1980s is now aged, and expressed open doubts about the whole enterprise in a letter on his website in which he mentioned his unraveling relations with Creme in the specific. I have that letter in a safe deposit box. It is significant in the ongoing world fraud.

      I would not doubt they may have up to 5 or even 6 men in the wings, to run by the world public, to see who catches fire. It’s heinous. They have deeply under-estimated the hidden brilliance in the world population, a huge number of souls who now refuse to fooled, foiled, snared, or propagandized into accepting a make believe media messiah, or a make believe second coming.

      Thanks and stay brilliant!! You ARE AWAKE.


  5. Greg Lewis says:

    The original “Maitreya” of the 1980s is now aged, and expressed open doubts about the whole enterprise in a letter on his website in which he mentioned his unraveling relations with Creme in the specific. I have that letter in a safe deposit box.
    Can you post the contents of this letter, please?

    • Greg Lewis says:

      Chase Hunter wrote:The original “Maitreya” of the 1980s is now aged, and expressed open doubts about the whole enterprise in a letter on his website in which he mentioned his unraveling relations with Creme in the specific. I have that letter in a safe deposit box.

      Greg Lewis writes: would you please post the contents of that letter?

      • CK Hunter says:

        Greg it will take me some time to access the storage where the letter is burned to CD. I am traveling and won’t be headed back home for several months. When I return home, I will publish the letter and anything else of interest gleaned from the hidden back side http://www.maitreya.org and I will email you to let you know it’s up. Hope you are having a peaceful and refreshing holiday.


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  10. Leo says:

    Hello Chase,
    I don’t know if you are familiar with the book “Demasque” (masks of) by the hand of the grandmaster (Jan van Rijckenborgh) of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum. He describes in detail the why and how, from the side of the non physical earthly realms, there is a need to try to fool us.
    Regards, Leo.

    • CK Hunter says:

      The Rosicrucians are directly connected to the age old cult of Lucifer worship at the top echelons. The Bible is the defintive document that explains the apostasy, but one must have the enlightement of the Holy Spirit to discern the secret truths of the Bible. Those who do not have that overlighting blessing, will read the Bible and find nothing but words they want to argue with. Also refer to the Urantia Book for the detailed account of the original Lucifer Rebellion 200,000 years ago in the local heavens and how the rebellion affected all evolving life on earth.

      See http://urantia.org


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  15. James. says:

    Maitreya..bah. Even if he is the Antichrist, or the false prophet, True believers will be blessed with eternal life for their vigilance.
    Many will follow the false Christ into doom.
    The believer will suffer persecution,
    bodily harm, and even death.
    Fear not for your Physical body,
    For your servitude to the true God reaps great reward. Stay strong, be not swayed by the beast.
    God Bless.

  16. Samuel says:

    I’m not very sure about what I’ll write now, then please take it as just a possibility, but it’s a possibility very probable considering that I’m researching about these things for a long time under the orientation of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and it’s always pointing out to these conclusions. I ask God to forgive me and to prevent anybody to read/listen to me if what I’m writing here is wrong.

    Obama is an illegal president, he is Kenyan, he is the brother of Maitreya, that guy of the pictures from Nairobi. Once, in an interview during a visit of the presidential couple in Kenya, Michelle Obama called the place “Obama’s birthplace”. Obama is placed there as a president in order to bring up the change, the shift in people’s concepts, opinions, that may turn their acceptance of Maitreya’s plans into something real. In this case, Obama represents Lucifer (Barack Hussein Obama II – ‘The Lightning Fallen from Heaven, Second’ is the meaning of the name, exactly what Jesus have foreseen 2 thousand years ago; and the ‘II’ – ‘Second’ – after the surname is an allusion to ‘Second’ of ‘Second Coming’) and Maitreya represents ‘the Christ’. Sanat Kumara, the top of such an unholy trinity presented by Alice Bailey (Theosophical Society, Lucifer/Lucis Trust/UN/Share-
    International/CIA etc) , would represent Satan, for whom they attribute the title of one and only true God of the universe. Is there need of more explanation to realize that such a business is something not good at all? People have to be damned fools to fall into such a ridiculous trap. But, unfortunately, most of them are that, and God only knows who won’t be fooled. But what’s the matter now is that everybody has a chance. Jesus Christ, the real one, Son of the Heavenly Father, is the only one, the only way, you can only be right and saved if you’re with God in the Name of Jesus. Any other bifurcation in the way is NOT leading you to God but to the totally opposite direction. No religion, no tradition – the Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ alone is the true religion. What to do if you’re one of many who fell into one or more of the tens of thousands religions and sects in the world? Something easier than keep on being worldly: Sincerely repent, ask for forgiveness and make a vow of trying to never fall into any delusion again. And keep right with God-Jesus-Holy Spirit only, from then on. And if you unfortunately fall again, do these things again, even if over and over and over again, as much as necessary, till you be established in the righteousness without oscillating anymore. May God bless you and save you and your dear ones in the Name of Jesus Christ!

    • CK Hunter says:

      Here is the link to the post I wrote abut 8 months ago, RE Michelle Obama telling an audience on the campaign trail in 2008 that her husband was Kenyan. It slipped right out of her mouth before she realized what she said:


      I’m not sure about the two men [ Maitreya, Obama] being actual biological brothers, but they do bear a physical resemblance and that is bothersome. I have warned readers that if they begin to see Obama promoting Maitreya and the UN agenda, it’s time to disappear for great apostasy on a global scale will be afoot. Thanks for your visit. Share this blog with others you know and love.


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