The Maitreya Fraud Gets Worse: “Wayne Peterson & Maitreya” Is One of the Most Ridiculous Fabrications I Have Ever Read.

Just when you thought it could not possibly get worse, Wayne Peterson is caught red handed selling his own little package of lies about the so called miraculously manifesting hollow light body which is called Maitreya. I will totally agree with the “hollow” part. The story is hollow, the lies and new age ascended master BS extraordinaire is hollow and the whole thing wreaks of pseudo spiritual new age snake oil and a cheap carnival side-show.

As a shaman and a genetic Cherokee I know more about the inner development of the advanced light body than probably 90% of other natural born Americans. EVERYTHING written in the Wayne Peterson account is an outright lie. It just simply does not occur that way.

Rather than bore the reader with a dissertation on the Ascension Path, I will just let you read this garbage and decide for yourself. But if you believe the Wayne Peterson account, then you most likely also believe that Oprah has now generated her own advanced body of light and will soon levitate live on air during her TV show for all to see.

Oooooh. The signs and wonders have now begun for all the gullible to ponder. I chose not to correct the numerous misspellings in the piece below, which can be located here.

Chase Hunter





CETAED 01-10-2001

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On the Coast to Coast AM show on 06-24-2000 the guest was Mr. Wayne Peterson.

This were show highlights.

As a young man, he was introduced to the Peace Corps by the David Rockefeller himself.
This led him to the 32-year diplomat carrier within USA Information Agency. As director of Fulbright Scholarship program (now retired), which is funded by US congress, he was in position to travel world-wide and to meet important people, among which were groups acting very active roles in making current change in consciousness on the physical and spiritual plane happen.

His first contact with people in power which were involved in transformation of our global society occurred in 1982, while working in Washington DC for the federal government. One evening, in the usual process of unplugging the work-induced tension, he was watching a TV talk show, which usually held a number of short, 10 min. interviews. This time the host, Benjamin Crame, had only one guest, a famous writer Gore Vidal.
They have discussed Crame’s book Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. During discussion Crame said that he know that One, that Christians said was Christ, is coming back and that He is not alone. He called him Maitreya. He was back to help us because humanity has got itself in to a such deep trouble that it’s current institutions cannot pull it out of the mess it is in. Conclusion was that the situation requires intervention of higher spiritual hierarchy.

Sometime later, without planning it, Mr. Peterson was present on a lecture during which the host, Mr. Crame, initiated him by shifting his central point (in a way Don Juan Mathus did it to Carlos Castaneda) and sustained meditation. Here he learned that Mastery does not permit the creation of religion, but allows a loose net structure of group of peoples, which are kept informed over Sierra International magazine.

During the Coast to Coast AM interview on 06-24-2000, Mr. Peterson stated that Maitreya, a leader of Masters of Wisdom, a group of spiritual beings which are not Angelical in origin and which are looking after this planet, is intermediary between us and God.
He also said that Masters visit people and have material bodies. Maitreya fabricated his own from the body of light in 1977. He is a tall man of 29-30 years with wavy hair and does not change in appearance. Mr. Peterson had opportunity to touch him end to feel that his body is real. There are rapports from other persons which were permitted to put their hands in to his body and to feel that it is hollow.
Peterson said that Maitreya can appear and disappear at will, because He must operate in both worlds, material and spiritual in the same time and that it may seem to humanity that Maitreya is God-like person, but that He himself says that he is not God.

Mr. Peterson stated that he met Maitreya in Baltimore, dressed in a flowing sort of a big shirt like a blouse and bicycle shorts. He instantly knew who He is because of the energy He sends, which, bypasses mind completely and goes directly to the one’s hart. Maitreya is said to have announced that he will present himself to the every human being world-wide in the same way on the Day of the Declaration, over international televisions. Then, there will be an introduction, by Maitreya, of a people from a number of other worlds and that this was, in it’s totality, a third secret of Fatima. He wants the third secret to be revealed and he will reform the Church.

This all will happen immediately after the, imminent, American stock market crash.

Maitreya explained that there shall be no change period lasting hundreds of years or even decades, as was the case with Roman Empire, but the changes shall be completed during ten or maximum twenty years. In the process, the government form we know today will disappear. Our new civilization will be the brotherhood of man sharing justice and peace. Maitreya is said to stay with us for the next 2000 years. Than he will leave only to return for the second coming.

Maitreya directly or through his Masters works closely with the leaders of a number of countries, with those in high positions of power, industry, banking and religion, including those very near to the current Pope and White House. All of them are aware of the process, but have not yet come out because they, currently, do not collaborate closely between themselves, or were forbidden to do so to permit the manifestation of the free choice of the single beings. Mr. Petersen said he was chosen to step out because he is not widely known person and therefore was able to give the notice in a measured way.

This announcements shall be considered together with the events leading to the release of  the published part of the third part of Fatima Prophecy on the Monday, 26 Jun in Vatican and its content.

Also, Carnivore issue could be connected with it (CLICK HERE).

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