Some ATS forum members unaware of Maitreya’s human biography, lapping up Creme’s nonsense instead

Assisting those who seek to understand the Maitreya controversy by reminding ATS members that his very human biography is available online at it and conflicts greatly with Benjamin Creme’s alleged story of Maitreya assuming a “materializing Light Body” in the himalayas and getting on an airplane and flying to London. This kind of new age fairy tale nonsense is being purported by Maitreya PR man Creme to attempt to create an aura of magical spiritual power et al, for Maitreya.

The man who now calls himself Maitreya is much older than 33 years old and was born in Tehran Iran of an old Muslim bloodline well known in the surrounding village.

I would point you all to the emerging research of a gifted Cherokee shaman pen named Chase Hunter, who has posted more facts about Maitreya in recent months than I have found in years. The website is

Chase also runs 5 or 6 other sites that connect all the emerging dots between the Norway Spiral (HAARP blue beam test run) and Maitreya’s coming worldwide fraud.

It does irk me somewhat that in order to post this helpful fact I had to do it under this intro forum, instead of along the proper thread. I guess many ATS users lack even the most fundamental online manners so must be sent to the infant care rooms before they post in relevant forums. Be that as it may, reading the biography of Maitreya, written by a devotee, blows holes in every “Divine” fairy tale about how he came to be Maitreya. For those who would not be duped by this man, it is must reading.




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5 Responses to Some ATS forum members unaware of Maitreya’s human biography, lapping up Creme’s nonsense instead

  1. Chase Hunter says:

    Maitreya’s credibility has now been even further eroded by the fact that researchers looking to locate the tv interview or a transcript of same, cannot find it anywhere.

    The snarliest bunch of nay-sayers you ever locked horns with usually haunt the forums of Above Top Secret,


    and although they seem woefully uninformed and uneducated about the fraud Maitreya, forum members also state online that no sign of any tv interview is emerging.

    Wouldn’t that pretty much label this inbred man as a fraud and a coward at best?

    interesting link supports my comments above

    And of course there are also the emergent “Maitreya wanna-be’s” now coming out of the woodwork. One was posting to the ATS forums during the last few days and willingly admiting also that he was a one time psychiatric patient, but now he is……Maitreya.

    I rest my case on idiocy: here’s another link and forum discussion right out of the loony bin:

    For the definitive explananation of the Norway Spiral and why Share International and Maitreya have grabbed onto it go to


    Chase-addendum to post

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