Benjamin Creme Caught in His Own Doublespeak Again By Innocent San Fran Blogger

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I distinctly recall watching youtube’s re-posted video coverage of Benjamin Creme‘s 01.14.2010 speech at London Friends House, where he spoke at length about Maitreya’s highly significant TV interview and global emergence, with all of it’s implications:

Quote Creme: “Maitreya has just given his first TV interview in America, the first of many such interviews….”

The tone of this speech indicated to me that Creme WANTED people to be “all stirred up” about the “stepping forward” of Maitreya.

He spoke with almost worshipful enthusiasm to the audience, referencing that the TV interview had already taken place on a prominent American TV media network. Raj Patel had just been interviewed by The Colbert Report within the past few days prior.  Is that how this all got started?

Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Creme to just name the man and present the TV interview on the Share International website? Otherwise they continue to get internet reactions like this:

“Council Guest Raj Patel Named Maitreya By Share International”

The world was left to go running and looking and to put 2 and 2 together. Someone somewhere began posting Youtube videos claiming that Raj Patel was the man …. er, “Maitreya” of mystery. Raj Patel added fuel to the fire by coyly posting a huge photo of the Maitreya Buddha statue on his website, and I think when he posted that photo, all in good humor one would suppose, the frantic “would be” devotees did some poor math, and decided he was THE ONE. [Sorry, Neo.]

Is it no wonder that Creme, by using these kinds of coy “you people go and figure it out”  sleazy PR tactics in his London speech,  that Raj Patel accidentally  “got the tail of the donkey pinned on him”, by virtue of a photo posted to his blog, and apparent “American TV interview proximity”?

I would really love to know what actually happened here, because NONE of the reporting on it sounds true, or factual, just more fuzziness.

Then Creme goes on to make it worse in this essay below, by continuing to play the guessing game with readers: stating  “I will neither confirm or deny that Raj Patel is the Maitreya.”

That only perpetuates the developing urban legend. I’m wondering at this point from an examination of the media coverage and news reports I have just posted:  Is Raj Patel ready to sue Benjamin Creme?

Creme keeps making comments that “re-ensnare” Patel into his “unwanted Lordship” status. What exactly is going on here? It also appears that Scott James is now part of the confusion as well, quite by accident. I liked his articles, as they had a fresh perspective on it that did not sound like Share International PR spin.

One can clearly see from compared photos that they ARE NOT the same man.

Here are photos below. The first photo is Maitreya in Nairobi in 1988. The photo beneath it is Raj Patel in 2010. So, we are now left this not too comical nonsense, with the original 1988 Maitreya from the Share International website, pictured below, and the new short haired improved, self effacing “I’m not the guy” dude, Raj Patel.

None of this makes any sense.

Chase K. Hunter

Referencing  related post:

February 5, 2010, 3:55 pm

Is He or Isn’t He the Messiah?


The leader of a New Age movement is taking issue with some of his own followers who have declared a San Francisco man their messiah.

“People are hysterical and you have stirred them up with this,” said an irritated Benjamin Creme of Share International in a telephone interview this morning from London. “You have not done me a favor.”

He was reacting to my column about Raj Patel, who some have concluded is the much-anticipated messiah Maitreya the World Teacher. In the past two weeks, Mr. Patel, the author of the bestselling economics book “The Value of Nothing,” has become the focus of a great deal of unwanted attention. Web pages and documentaries have been created about his sudden deification. He has been flooded with troubling emails, as I posted on this blog. Some devotees have tracked him down in person.

When I reached Mr. Creme today he had just finished reading the article. I had asked to interview him earlier in the week and was told he would not speak until today. I was also told ahead of time that he would not confirm or deny the identity of Maitreya.

Today, after reading the article, Mr. Creme seemed to change his mind about that. He said people have wrongly interpreted the age of Maitreya, and they have misunderstood predictions of the messiah’s arrival in London in 1977. Mr. Patel was five years old at that time, flying in on a plane from India. Mr. Creme pointed out that there were probably hundreds on that same plane. “Are they all Maitreya because they flew in from India? It’s stupid.”

But when pressed to say that Mr. Patel is definitely not Maitreya, Mr. Creme said it was not up to him to decide. “It’s not my business to either confirm or deny it.”

Since followers hang on every word Mr. Creme says, here is an audio excerpt on YouTube from this morning’s phone interview. In it, he also clears up the misconceptions by some that he has the rank of Master in the hierarchy of his beliefs. I had reported that he was referred to this way, but Mr. Creme said he is merely a disciple.

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7 Responses to Benjamin Creme Caught in His Own Doublespeak Again By Innocent San Fran Blogger

  1. Liz123 says:

    Hey CK,
    You wrote: “Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Creme to just name the man and present the TV interview on the Share International website? ”

    As I understand it, Maitreya is not in Share International’s pocket. Certainly, Creme has been in the forefront of passing on info for the last 3o some odd years, but neither Creme nor anyone at SI is going to point out Maitreya even if they had an opinion as to where he was interviewed and/or what program.

    Folks who keep up with this know that Maitreya is coming forward anonymously so that his ideas, (the need for sharing resources to end poverty, starvation and death from hunger related disease, for the trust that sharing engenders, the justice which results from sharing, the freedom to live which results from having the basic necessities of life, and finally the secure peace which results from the previous conditions) can be considered freely by humanity.

    Apparently, Maitreya does not want followers. He comes, he says, as a simple Teacher, to point the way out of our serious problems.

    Raj Patel just happened to be on a book tour, having published a well-received book “Stuffed and Starviing”, at the same time that Maitreya gave his first TV interview. Share International never called Patel Maitreya. Folks who have followed Creme’s information…which has been very widely distributed…for years, and who are just observers have jumped to the wrong conclusion about Patel. It is inconvenient for Patel (although maybe beneficial for book sales) but on no consequence in the larger context of Maitreya’s emergence.

    What many think is of real importance is the need for humanity to change the way we live and save ourselves and our planet. War, pollution, kids on drugs, failed economy….these are the conditions Maitreya is addressing.

    Sorry to be so long winded.

    • CK Hunter says:

      Hi, Thanks for being cordial. I appreciate that. The numbers are not “in” for me yet on Patel, but the more I find out about him, the more I wonder what’s up, and I intend to find out. See the post I just published 10 minutes ago.

      Did you finish reading the front page? Here’s what the updated page says today:


      “The emerging confusion about Raj Patel supposedly being “identified” by someone as the emergent [new] “Maitreya” has occupied my attention since mid January, when Creme announced at London Friends’ House that Maitreya had given an interview with a major American TV Network, two days after Raj Patel was interviewed on the Colbert Report. Raj continues to flatly deny that he is Maitreya, and claims to have been distressed by the pubic association. [See the blog artivles of Scott James in San francisco. ]

      Yet Patel keeps a large and prominent photo of the Maitreya Buddha posted on his blog, lending to considerable cognitive dissonance for “would be Maitreya followers” and others who are trying decode the coy text he has written on that page, and ascertain who and what Raj Patel actually is. Ominous PR videos and other articles continue to come out pointing at him as the person Creme was referring to in his speech Jan. 14th at London Friends House. Creme has now actually gone so far as to claim that he did not even know who Raj Patel was until a few days ago, and has never met the man.

      This led me to wonder whether Share International has now desired to “distance themselves” from their own PR blunders and just throw Raj Patel under the bus as a mere man among men, who, for whatever bizarre reasons, got caught up quite by accident in one of Benjamin Creme’s many blundered PR melees, such as this next one described below:

      Earlier “Strange” Events from December 2009: The Norway Spiral PR Stunt By Benjamin Creme…..”

      Liz, I continue to maintain that both Creme and Patel are actually liable for the present public misunderstanding, as Creme will not disclose the identity of Maitreya, yet he “talks him up” constantly – it’s a carny tactic, and it’s backfiring badly.

      Patel has played along by posting a huge photo of the Maitreya Buddha on his blog, with alot of “leading” and coy text.

      They, both, by their actions, have brought this bruhaha on. Honesty is always the best policy, and this thing gets more dishonest by the minute. By the time I get 3 or 4 days further along in my research I will be able to prove that not only does Creme know exacly who Patel is, but he has been in contact with him on and off, for years.

      So stay tuned. The fat lady is just warming up her vocal chords, so to speak.


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