Planetary Kali Yuga Gives People of All Faiths A Real Work-Out


Little Miracles Can Become Huge Tsunamis of Miracles When We Pray in Devout Faith and Surrender to God’s Will

This exchange [below] was in reply to a site guest who had a profound spiritual experience just recently. I thought subscribers might enjoy this. I always love to recognize and make known signs of hope and the manifest reality of God’s presence in people’s daily lives. To me, this is news, and it is good news, and I want to post it.

Before I post this, I wanted to say something to people who come to browse this blog:

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can come between the secret Providence of God and the souls who truly love Him and desire to know His incredible Love and outpouring of Truth Beauty and Goodness for his creatures.

No man, no world apostate ruler, no religious counterfeit, no spiritual imposter, and not even an evil illuminati controlled world system [which is presently bent on twisting, contorting and corrupting the human spirit] can come between the hidden Presence of God which dwells within us, as that “great Light which Lights every man who comes into the world” – and our own soul, whenever we reach up within the human heart and mind  – and call out for God to make His Presence known in our lives. That’s what this reader did, she called out in her own soul for God to make His Presence known to her, and He did.

But remember also, you have to have “the eyes to see” – or you might miss God’s answer, for it can come in a million and one ways.

No matter what happens, no matter how terrible things get, never forget that. And if, perchance, you should awaken at precisely 3:33 am, not knowing why, maybe God is asking you to pray for the world. Why not say a prayer for yourself and the world if that should happen?  We may find that soon, tens of thousands of us are “taking back the night” in secret devout prayer because we love our country, and the world and we do not want to see this world go down in flames.


Here’s the exchange:


Regarding:  The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 333 by Chase Hunter

Katherine said 1 day ago:

Wow, you are the first person that has, I believe, accurately explained to me what has been going on recently in my life. The funny thing is, after I read this I realized my spirit knew I had a decision to make all along, and this felt tied to it, somehow. I have been waking up often from spiritual dreams regarding God, and where I stand with him, and I will often wake at exactly 3:33 a.m.
This has happened several times the past few weeks. And I have made a decision to take my spiritual walk with God very seriously because of it, instead of remaining as you said, “on the fence”. I had another incident two night ago, when I knew I had temptation to deal with the following day, and it had been concerning me. I felt like God was trying to tell me to reach out to him for strength. Thank you for your post.

You said 1 day ago:

You are so very welcome. Reading what you wrote thrilled me. The Holy Spirit is “pulling out all the stops” to reach a human population distracted by a million worries, debt, their job, finances, their kids, the tv, their relationships, and a society so drunk of childish pleasures that it is unaware of what is now breathing down on us all. Stay with your journey in God. I support you wholeheartedly and stop by to visit and comment any time.

God bless and keep you!


Katherine said 6 hours ago:

Hi again Chase-
I thought you might be interested in hearing what happened to me again last night/ early this morning. Last night as I was driving, I felt compelled to tell God something. I said, if you decide to wake me again at 3:33 a.m. I will get up out of bed and pray this time. At exactly 3:33 this morning, I was woken from a deep sleep. I knew I had to keep my end of the deal so I got out of bed and prayed. God showed me some very important things as I prayed, and I felt extremely aware spiritually more so than I ever have!! I completely agree with you- The Holy Spirit is pulling out all the stops right now! I have felt a real spiritual change in “the atmosphere” just recently. There are so many forces at work both for and against us , and I think there has been a real battle for people’s souls. And the decision is always ultimately ours! It is amazing how asleep so many people are to what is really going on!! I enjoy reading your articles- keep them coming!

God bless you!

You said 42 minutes ago:

Hi Katherine, and …. Wow! What an incredible confirmation of God and Spirit being at work in your life. That is just utterly remarkable and so very wonderful. We live in the age of what the Hindus have called the “Kali Yuga”, which is the last great age of spiritual darkness, just preceding the true dawn of global spiritual unity consciousness and an age of spiritual enlightenment for all of humankind.

The Kali Yuga which precedes the dawning of this new millennial age of spiritual truth and understanding [ not to be confused with any }new age movement jargon] transcends most all human religious belief systems. But the Christian faith refers to this present Kali Yuga period as the “great falling away” and also “the end times” and “the last days.”

The bible has promised us there would be a “new heaven and a new earth” – but my soul intuits these new realms cannot be built upon the existing inverted and dark world system. That world system is now crumbling and disintegrating, as it is built upon the illuminati lie of hidden control, evil, manipulation, and consuming greed. The chaff who are these illuminati hidden elite have to come to their final reckoning with the Presence of the Heavenly Father himself, which is happening right before our eyes.

During this Kali Yuga, those who lie to others when great forces of destiny are at stake will be revealed nearly instantaneously. They will not be able to hide and veil their sins. I am reminded of Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and many others whose actions in secret have now so suddenly come to light.

Can you imagine the abject tragedy that a John Edwards presidency would have brought to this nation?

A political campaign built on lies did not stand, but fell apart right as it happened.

Instead we now have a man in the White house whom many Americans distrust and for solid reasons. John Edwards spent over one million dollars to hide his affair with Rielle HUnter. Barack Obama has spent 1.4 million to hide the facts about his birth certificate.

If there was nothing to hide, where did the 1.4 million go, and whose money was it? Was it money from the DNC donated by sincere Americans who believed in him? It will all come to light as God’s Will unfolds for America.

I bring this up because with the full vivid brightness of the Spirit of Truth shining down upon this world, activating and enhancing the activities of the Holy Spirit everywhere, no lie will remain hidden for much longer. There is a great unveiling going on. It is as it should be.

God’s hand is at work behind the scenes, and I continue to believe that a Divine Intervention is at work to protect America during her time of great crisis. We all are cooperating as a great “Heavenly team on Earth” when we surrender our own lives and outer egos to the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit and allow God’s miracles to manifest through us by refusing to sink into negativity, but to allow all that is within us which is not of God to go into the fires, so to speak, no what the outer circumstances may be that press in to challenge our faith.

Faith is like working out – if there is not a certain amount of pressure to push against, that muscle of faith cannot grow stronger. So … you might say that America is getting a real work-out these days!

I am so thrilled to hear about the mysteries of God’s presence at work in your life. Write again any time!!

Kindest regards,



In the video newscast below, east indians tell of a driving downpour of blood red rain in their village in the early part of the last decade. This would have been right around the time that Kathleen Keating’s book “Final Warning” came out which attempted to warn Christendom about Maitreya being the Antichrist. The villager who is interviewed mentions the Kali Yuga, and he felt the red rain was a sign, or a portent of bad times to come. Raining blood is also mentioned in the Bible. This appears to be another fulfilment of Christian prophecy, regarding the end times.

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