Hundreds of Radio Listeners Became physically Ill While Listening to Maitreya PR Man Benjamin Creme During A Recent Georgy Noory Interview

Chase Hunter: The human soul when confronted with an apostate on the scale of Benjamin Creme and his fraudulent Christ figure Maitreya, does not lie. The human soul who loves the real Jesus Christ, worships God, and detects a fraudulent representation,  will spiritually react to that fraud. That is precisely what happened to hundreds of radio listeners during a recent George Noory interview with Maitreya front man Benjamin Creme on Coast to Coast radio. Be sure to note in the bold text from the thread that when Maitreya appears on TV, he will not appear as “Maitreya” [ the coward ] but as a normal person trying to unite people, nations, etc.

Why all the masquerade, smoke and mirrors, and personal camoflage, if there is no fraud affoot?

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“Interesting… I’m sure many of you have heard of Benjamin Creme, the “ambassador” of the Maitreya. He’s been on Coast to Coast AM quite a few times, talking about the imminent arrival of the Maitreya, the “world teacher,” who is allegedly the second coming of Jesus, Buddha, the Imam Mahdi, and the Jewish messiah, all at the same time. Many of you will think of Maitreya as the Antichrist.

I’ve been listening to Creme shows before and noticed that George Noory said, after these shows he’d always get hundreds of emails from listeners who said they got physically sick and nauseated while listening to Creme on the radio.

A few days ago, when George Noory had him on again, George HIMSELF actually got so sick that he had to cut short the interview and go to Open Lines!

It was interesting… Creme spouted off his usual stuff — that the Maitreya not really IS Jesus Christ, but that Jesus was or is in fact a disciple of the Maitreya (!)… that the Star of Bethlehem was a configuration of giant motherships, [ WTF ] …which will return at the time when the Maitreya comes back… and so forth. He also said, remarkably, that the Maitreya will not reveal himself immediately, but will appear as a normal person on TV, as someone who is trying to unite the peoples, economically, socially, spiritually, etc.

Anyway, George Noory said he would take calls for Creme next, but then he went directly to Open Lines. In the break he said something to this effect:

“I’ve done over 5,000 interviews in my life, and I’ve always gotten through them okay, even when I had the flu or whatever. But today, I had the feeling I would pass out if I went on with that interview. I really felt I would black out any second… so I had to end this interview and go to Open Lines.” – George Noory, on his interview with Benjamin Creme about Maitreya

And of course hundreds of listeners again mailed in, saying they had had the same feeling. Now, for those people, I wouldn’t be surprised if devout Christians get a knee-jerk reaction like that and feel sick when they hear Creme talk about the Maitreya. But GEORGE, who is NOT a Christian and more, like, open-minded spiritual than religious, to get sick like that, that was truly amazing to me!

For the record: I didn’t really feel anything, even though I have to admit that some of the stuff Creme said sounded exactly like what the Antichrist would be like.” – end quote from thread

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