Kathleen Keating Report from Rense.com in 2000

This report has been on rense.com for 10 years. Once again we see that Ms. Kathleen Keating was trying to warn people 10 years ago about her insights that Maitreya would pose as the return of Christ on a world scale.
See http://www.rense.com/general2/666.htm

Keating’s ‘Maitreya’ – The Controversy Heats Up

From Rick Visneau <ricvis@knology.net>7-18-00

Note: This article is in response to an interview Jeff Rense
had with Kathleen Keating regarding the Antichrist and other matters,
which you can hear in our audio archives.

photo from http://www.shareintl.org/

Dear Jeff,

I took your advice and went to the source. Kathleen confirmed that Maitreya is the Antichrist, as you can see in her reply.

From: Rick To: kathleen@finalwarningthebook.com Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 8:26 AM Subject: Your July 17 interview with Jeff Rense

Dear Kathleen,

I listened to your interview on Jeff Rense last night (Monday 7-17-00) and something you said bothered me a great deal.

It was either the April interview with Art Bell or the May interview with Mike Siegel on Coast to Coast, when the subject of the Antichrist came up. You stated the antichrist was alive now, in the world, and when asked who he was, you refused to name him due to the grave danger it would cause.

When asked how you knew, you stated that he appeared in your yard, said “Hi” to you, paced back and forth, and that your dog could not even bark…and that this was unusual. This is archived in the Coast to Coast show files.

Now, last night you said the very same thing about Maitreya when talking to Jeff.

So, this means that either there no longer is any grave danger and Maitreya is the antichrist, or you are a fraud perpetrating a hoax. Either way, you owe it to both the Jeff Rense Show and Coast to Coast, and to the public who listen, to tell the truth about your feelings on this. I challenge you to do the right thing, publicly, on the air, and on your web site.

Your credibility is on the line.

Rick Visneau

From: Kathleen Keating To: xxxSent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 12:47 PM Subject: Re: Your interview with Jeff Rense July 17, 2000

Dear Rick:

Thanks for writing. I stated on both Coast to Coast shows that it was not time yet and that when the time was right, I would reveal his name.

Unfortunately, things are moving much faster now and I feel that it is now time. That’s why I said what I did last night (on Jeff’s program).

It was good to hear from you, thanks for your email.

God bless, Kathleen


James Neff<webmaster@sightings.com>7-18-00

It is disturbing to think that waiting in the wings is some self-appointed Messiah for the new century, not only because of the prophets but because people now are so incredibly vulnerable and gullible.

But then again, when you look at the prophets of the Bible, the forthcoming “son of perdition” (sometimes refered to as ‘the antichrist’), ‘that wicked one’, will do something so astounding, so earth shattering that ‘the whole inhabited earth’ (save those who belong to Christ by faith) will be suckered into believing he is “God” himself… the very Creator. That’s going to take an incredible Satanic deception. Mere philosophy and charisma won’t pull it off. The scientifically educated of the world would laugh off any new-coming “buddha” or “messiah” figure…. unless he came with powers which were beyond their comprehension. And even then, only a portion would believe. What it will take for the “antichrist” to convince ‘the whole inhabited earth’ that he is “God” is a display of power AND EVIDENCE OR PROOF that he is precisely what he says he is… progenitor of the human race.

Anyone who knows their scriptures knows that Satan has made a declaration: “I will be like the Most High God!” His rebellion is one of vanity and power expressly focused against God’s creation, the human race. And like God, it only follows that Satan will manifest a false-creation.

What would it take to convince the whole inhabited earth of a cosmic lie, a deception so powerful “that were it possible even the elect of God could be deceived” as Jesus said? It would require something everyone from the spiritual/religious to the most rational and scientific could accept: The Extraterrestrial.It would require an extraterrestrial, or perhaps a hybrid between the human race and the so-called alien race, demonstrating incredibly advanced technology coming to this world and proving, perhaps through DNA evidence, that he/his race seeded mankind on this planet. The deception would be so powerful, so complete and so undeniable that clergy and college professor alike would join together in a new faith and understanding of who and what God “is.” Prophecy will be explained away as figurative and allegoric, or often incorrect. Religious believers who do not succumb to the deception will be quickly discounted as lunatics, eventually persecuted to death for standing in the way of the advancement of ‘the new golden age’ this deceiver would usher in (Maitreya’s Benjamin Creme and many others in the new age theosophist movement have openly said that Christians and Jews and others who would not accept the new “lord” would have to be ‘dealt with’ and in some places have said ‘removed’ from the way). He will come with all the answers, and settling debts and disputes…. how? What sort of power could do this? That could make this prophetic statement vital: “Who is like the beast, and who can make war with him?”

We live in a world where mutual assured destruction reigns even today, post-coldwar. The power forthcoming according to the prophets will clearly be empowered from ‘celestial’ resources (see Revelation 12 and 13). Scripture states plainly that at various times, angelic (heavenly, celestial) beings came to this planet and interfered with man’s course; some on behalf of the creator for the betterment, and some with entirely evil intentions (See Genesis 6).

It’s time to take stock and consider what may be right around the corner, especially as relates to the issue of UFOs/ETs and prophecy.

But it’s going to take more than a charming philosopher who looks like Tyrone Power (to quote Kathleen) to convince the world he is “GOD.” (2 Thessalonians 2).


Maitreya Is NOT the Anti-Christ, Maitreya is another name FOR Christ.

From Clifford Ribaudo <cribaudo@earthlink.net>Dear Jeff,

I just saw the article on your site that “Kathleen Keating confirms her view that the Maitryea is the Anti-Christ”. I don’t know who this person is, or why her alleged vision confirms such a thing, or for that matter why she is more qualified than any of the BILLIONS of Buddhist who revere Lord Maitreya, to pass judgment upon him.

However, I would like to point out several things, that she and perhaps your other listeners and site visitors are unaware of:

– Maitreya is the name of the being whom Buddhists believe will come soon to aid humanity to take a step closer to enlightenment and salvation. The name is a Sanskrit word, derived from the Sanskrit Root maitri meaning to Love, and when used in the form of Maitreya means “The Loving One”.

– I hardly think this would be a name used by the anti-christ. However I think it very possible that the anti-christ might seek to tarnish the good name of a Great One so as to sow confusion in the minds of men.

– At the very least this article is slandering the Savior/Avatar etc. of a religion addressing the needs of approximately half the world. I don’t think you should be doing this.

– Maitreya is believed by many Buddhists to be approaching and very near to appearing amongst men. His objective is to save all beings by leading them into the light, releasing them from their suffering and guiding them to everlasting happiness.

– In many circles it is understood that Maitreya is simply another name by which THE CHRIST is known in the East. He comes and always has for all men, not just Catholics or the West. It stands to reason that if any such being exists who “Loves ALL men as his Brothers” then he might appear in different places under different names so as to best serve those to whom he comes.

– Buddhists have called him Maitreya because of the qualities of his being, the West has called him Christ but both expect him. I think the fact that all major religions expect some Teacher to appear soon to lead them into light, love and truth, indicates the possibility that all religions recognize the same being under different names. BUT, when he comes… he comes for all and will not care if some call him Christ or Maitreya or the Imam-Mahdi or whatever.

– What we need in this age of Globalization is tolerance and understanding and one of the areas of the greatest divisiveness in the world is in the area of religion. If we educate ourselves even a little as to the thinking and meaning behind the other traditions one often finds that there is a lot more to agree WITH than NOT. Who could argue that Maitreya, when the definition of the word is understood, is not a suitable name for a being such as Christ!

Truth is Justice

Cliff R.

CommentJames Neff<webmaster@sightings.com>


Your points are well taken. My question would be, is the “Lord Maitreya” Benjamin Creme is trying to usher onto the world scene truly “Maitreya” (ie, truly Christ-like)? No true Christian would ever oppose a good man of sincerity, love, peace, charity and humanity, from ANY religion; it is the central teaching of Christianity that all good comes from God and peacemakers are blessed. I think the real issue here is, is THIS particular Maitreya going to — as you put it — “I think it very possible that the anti-christ might seek to tarnish the good name of a Great One so as to sow confusion in the minds of men”. If one examines what Benjamin Creme is teaching, one will not see a loving being, but one who has world conquest on his mind and the persecution of all who would oppose him.Perhaps a better title to this piece would be “Kathleen Keating Confirms Benjamin Creme’s ‘Maitreya’ Is The Antichrist.” ?


From Bruce Ericksen <rbe@pacifier.com>


Dear Jeff,

It is interesting that each of us has an opinion of what the anti-christ will to perpetuate his reign on earth. It will not take an extra terrestial event but simply the collapse of the world monetary system and the resulting war. If anyone could correct that type of situation he would be proclaimed in a moment by the mass of the population.

I think most of the young people today do not understand what real hard times may be ahead for all human kind. Scarce water, starvation, rampart disease and violence beyond belief. It is easy to look at things from the attitude of it must be an E.T. to fool us because we think mankind can’t be brought to its knees. What Kathleen is trying to do is warn people about what is coming and what they should do about it. We all have different opinions and even interpetations of the bible, however we do agree on one thing the final wrath of God will be awful.

The bible says that in the end days man’s knowledge will grow quickly (paraphrased), which we are seeing. But this knowledge will not save him or even protect him it will be too late. I have lived long enough to see the power of demons and know that they can take physical form. I have been in the postion of dealing with deliverance or excorcism which ever you prefer to call it. It will be interesting in the end how man will be fooled but I do not believe for a moment it needs to be an E.T. even though it might be just that. As you know Jeff from a previous e mail I sent you a long time ago I do have a very strong network of people and a very successful business. I assure you that what Kathleen talks about should be taken as very serious. If you question and investigate the Denver Airport you will be amazed at what you turn up.


From Michael Jakubowski 7-10-00

Very intrigued with “antichrist” article. A few points to seriously consider:

* to be “anti” means to be exactly (“180 degrees”) opposite* * to be “antichrist” means to be opposed or against christ* * need to really, fully and completely know the christ; not just that he was the son of god, but that the annointing, the foresight, the pain, the sorrow, the mysteries, the knowledge, the suffering, and the love he had; where all his life came from, his passion, his mission* * to “know” (as much as possible from meditation, contemplation, action, and prayed for guidance – intuition and/or direct input – from above) who/what/why the evil one wants to do to humanity* * to understand how god treated those who lived how he instructed (i.e., “governing” themselves, money, trade, values, protection, etc.)* * to understand how humanity “lives”* * to understand how/what/why demonic forces interferre with people and life* * to know that the antichrist comes after the false prophet!!!* * to know who “joins” the antichrist in body* * to know that the world will be leveled for christ to return* * to know that darkness (real to symbolize the spiritual) will befall earth*

I had a “calling” back in ’82 and ended up at the Vatican. As a Catholic it meant a lot to me. Never traveled alone before, never flew before (since 6 mos old), and never in another country before (other than Tijuana 20ish years ago). I went inside and had special session with a priest. Although it was a long time ago and I feel more IS to come, I believe that laid a foundation for future end-times events and my mission. I had many intuitive and “other cognitive” experiences that needed help. I knew it dealt with a time to come, which is frighteningly near (in current times).

I do not know who this Maitreya is nor who Kathleen Keating is. But I have learned that truth and honor stand up on their own. Cowards and deceit fall from their own lack of substance. If you do know the truth and do not share it, you are coward.( I am ashamed of past Popes and anybody who knows the truth and does not share it such as “messages of Fatima”). I know some people are gifted and know or see things, such as psychics or religious leaders. If someone is truly blessed then they work for good. All good. If someone knows something and does not share it, they are shamed.

Perhaps this Maitreya is more a false prophet or the antichrist-to-be. Maybe not.

We were and are warned what signs to watch for and wisdom will prevail in determining what/who is really good or evil.

Power corrupts and if Lucifer comes to a person as a “benevolent” spirit or angel or light, he will deceive for intent of corruption. To all of humanity. This we are told.

The signs are not all there yet.

They are just beginning.


From Moira in Oregon 7-22-00

To Whom It may concern: I am a Catholic who just got done listening to the last hour of Stan Deyo’s appearance (with Jeff 7-21-00) discussing Maitreya and such.

Maitreya has been around for YEARS; and any New age movement student, Catholic or Protestant, is not worth their eye teeth who haven’t run across this fellow – Constance Cumbey made quite the hoopla over him in her well-known book THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW – at least over Creme she did. So what did Kathleen feel was the big mystery in announcing him to the world if she felt HE was it?

The problem I have with Keating saying this is twofold: I have recorded nearly every appearance of Father Malachi Martin when he appeared on the Art Bell show, missing only the two 1996 appearances which were mysteriously LOST to the Premiere radio networks (the ones where he described the Vatican priests letters to Art about seeing the Hubble link up on the computer screen at the Vatican and then running for his life). Shortly after one of Creme’s appearances, Bell asked Fr. Martin point blank if Maitreya was the antichrist when Fr. Martin kept saying that the Antichrist was ALIVE and Fr. Martin said, NO, he was NOT it. (I have it on tape but don’t have the exact date of the Father Martin appearance off the top of my head – perhaps one of your listeners can verify this for me.) However, when Kathleen was talking with Art and discussing whom the antichrist was – her cryptic interview where she told the frozen dog in the backyard and the guy in the Armani suit, etc. story that we all have come to know so well – she said that she had discussed with Father Martin who it was that appeared in her backyard as the antichrist and asked him if that was who it was and that he said, YES, it was it.

Now, like the Third Secret debacle put over the sheeple by the Vatican recently (thanks to Cardinal Sodano and masonic P2 crew, no doubt, of which I count John Paul 2 amongst their number since there are numerous photos to be had of him giving the masonic handshake to various dignitaries around the world according to Dr. James Wardner of THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA and UNHOLY ALLIANCES book fame), somebody – either Father Martin or Kathleen – is fibbing or has awfully bad memory recall on this subject. And obviously Fr. Martin can’t be contacted at this point to challenge Kathleen saying he agreed with her when he told Bell he did not.

By far, the most reliable source we have come across either on the Fatima subject or anything else happening with the Catholic Church since Vatican II is Gary Giuffre, whose book THE PLOT AGAINST THE POPE is due out anytime soon. We would LOVE to see Gary be a guest on your show. He makes a compelling case that Cardinal Siri was actually elected pope at the time the mason Roncalli – John XXIII was put on the throne (a fact even seconded by Father Martin in one of his books, when he says the P2 lodge guys “brutalized” Siri off the throne – and canonically speaking, which is how EVERYTHING in the Church is run, that cannot annul a valid papal election – Siri fits the bill in St. John Bosco’s prophecy as well since he kept being re-elected at all the other papal elections until his death in 1989 – the pope being helped up by his fellows and then suffering a fatal death wound as Bosco puts it in his famous “Barque of Peter” battle vision). Piers Compton, another Catholic author, documents the rosicrucian initiation of Roncalli in his book THE BROKEN CROSS. A mason is a devil worshipper and not eligible for the papacy, having been automatically excommunicated, obviously.

The pro-Vatican magazine, THIRTY DAYS IN THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD had an article several years ago where they interviewed the Grand master of the Italian lodges who more or less confirmed the rosicrucian lodge induction ceremony that Compton outlines in his book. Several priests of the “traditional” persuasion who knew about the Third Secret have come forward to say that Sister Lucia said the real secret talked about the total apostasy – one might say the Scriptural fulfillment of the GREAT APOSTASY – the falling away – that St. Paul describes, so that the “man of sin, the son of perdition” might be revealed – not to mention the taking away of that which held the mystery of iniquity in check. Even the prayer composed by Pope Leo XIII to St. Michael the archangel, who had the famous vision of Satan boasting to God that he could destroy His Church if unchained for a time, contains the phrase which most post V2 printers try to excise from the text -IN THE HOLY PLACE ITSELF, WHERE HAS BEEN SET UP THE SEE OF THE MOST HOLY PETER AND THE CHAIR OF TRUTH FOR THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, THEY HAVE RAISED THE THRONE OF THEIR ABOMINABLE IMPIETY, WITH THE INIQUITOUS DESIGN, THAT WHEN THE PASTOR HAS BEEN STRUCK, THE SHEEP MAY BE SCATTERED.

Most Catholics who are trying to keep the Catholic faith as it was until the mason John 23’s council call the thing that held the mystery of iniquity in check the Tridentine Mass of St. Pius V and the Council of Trent, which the novus ordo [New Order] missae of Paul 6, which combines elements of protestant, Jewish cabbala and arian aspects (according to actor Mel Gibson’s father Hutton, who has written a Catholic newsletter on the subject for years and years, both in Australia and now in the US), replaced. This “mass” which is not a mass at all, was instituted by Paul 6 in order to help achieve this “unification” of religions – not to mention that it required the removal of the Catholic altars to be replaced with a masonic table, documented by Dennis Cuddy in his book NOW IS THE DAWNING OF THE NEW AGE NEW WORLD ORDER. What more fitting place now for the Luciferian initiation called for by David Spangler in order to enter the new age?

As far as Keating waiting for the antipope to come – we have him, Keating, and his name is: Roncalli, Montini, Wojtyla – especially the last two (not including Luciani, whom the P2ers murdered if you believe David Yallop).

Wojtyla was invited to the Portugal Bilderberger meeting last year – Illuminati central – and has Mikhail “I-am-still-a-Leninist” Gorbachev to visit in the Vatican, as he did for the promotion of Casaroli’s biography – strangely enough coinciding with the “release” of the so-called “third secret.” Gorby also told world socialists at La Sapienza university in Rome a few months ago to follow Wojtyla’s example in achieving their goals around the world. And now we have the spectacle of Vladimir “KGB” Putin saying to the press that the Orthodox and the Catholics have to unify and that it is “URGENT” and that John Paul “understands everything very well.”

Kathleen is fond of quoting Marie Le Carre’s book about the communist infiltrator priests – AA:1025, THE DIARY OF AN ANTI-APOSTLE. One wonders how she can defend the chief proponent of the communist new world order UN, who even gave Kofi Annan an award (with Kofi reciprocating by throwing a huge birthday party on his birthday at the UN), as the POPE? (We won’t even bring up his kissing the koran, a book that says that anyone who believes in the trinity is impure like excrement and urine!) If anyone is a candidate for the false prophet – his name is Karol Wojtyla – Kiril Lakota of THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMEN FAME.

Thanks for letting me put my two cents in.

Moira in Oregon

Comment(Name on File)

Stan Deyo made an excellent presentation with Jeff on Friday, 7-21-00. He has a way of coming off that isn’t bible-thumpy, and that’s good. It’s hard to talk about this stuff without getting that “you’re-all-going-to-hell” feeling coming across… so many who speak on this subject create such a heavy hardline, its unavoidable and the subject usually drifts off course into religion, instead of prophecy.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that all the worlds prophecies point to this time for a great world leader and great world upheaval before a time of incredible peace and a ‘golden age.’ Only difference is, Judeo-Christian prophecy says just before this evil will make its last grasp at power and the majority of people will be suckered into it by an ‘anti-christ’ — and that Christ himself will return from above to augment this “golden age” or millennium.

That’s one factor Christ spoke about which makes it a no-confusion issue. He said his return would be like lightning flashing from east to west, that every eye would see him coming upon the clouds of the sky with power and great glory — whereas Antichrist is to appear on the scene out of the world of politics/religion/worldly matters. Deyo and others speculate that he might attempt a semi-glorious sort of ‘advent’, perhaps even UFOs as the ‘arrival’ on clouds of the sky, etc.

Personally, I think it would take extraterrestrials to convince the whole world; people are too skeptical nowdays. If someone over in India was videotaped levitating, raising the dead and healing blind people, maybe 10% of the world would believe in him. That’s it. The rest would go on glibly dismissing it as BS. Scripture is clear this evil one comes with ‘false signs, wonders and miracles’ so great that “were it possible, even the elect of God could be deceived.” That’s gotta be some potent magic :). I would think it would have to be highly-advanced technology which the entire world would simply embrace saying, “ahhh, now THAT makes sense.” Ergo: Bow down, get your mark, go to hell. Easy as pie.

One thing I’ve been researching this year which is most intriguing is — apparently when Christ does return, there will be a period of time when the whole earth will be able to see Him coming; in transit…approaching from outer space (it is not so much his coming that is “like a thief in the night” but the destruction of the wicked). That is to say, a period (which I’m still trying to pin down, how long a period) when “the sign of the Messiah” will appear in the heavens “and all the tribes of the earth shall mourn.” (Matthew 24).

The stunning thing is, the Antichrist then rallies the armed forces of the entire world to do battle with him when they see him coming. A classic stand-off. They actually will gather in Megiddo (a vast 250 square mile basin of highly sulfurous earth just north east of Jerusalem – also called Harmagaddon ) and prepare to square off with “The Lord.” I have to assume they will think, or be told, it is an invading alien force…while the real alien force has already captured it all through deceit.

Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fights in a day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley… – Zechariah 14:3

But what a kick in the pants! A 200 million man army from the east comes, according to the prophecy, plus all the armies from the north and south gathered in one place… a place God says “is MY Tophet, set from the days of old” (hebrew for “the place of human burning”), since in ancient times the pagans used to burn their children alive in the fires of an idol-god named “Molech” in the same valley. Isaiah makes it clear that this is where the “lake of fire” seen the revelation vision (aka, “hell”) is created, as Jesus also calls it GEHENNA, pointing out the valley of the sons of Henom. There, Christ will “by the brightness of his coming” and “the sword of his mouth” (his word) obliterate the armies of the world and this Antichrist with them. An instantaneous elimination of earth’s human war machine in one fell swoop! Blood as high as a horses bridle in the valley. “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!” I recently found out that China to this day still uses horses (well over 200,000 of them) in their military, so the mention of horses is not so arcane as many who pooh-pooh prophecy like to think.

Heh… BE ALL YOU CAN BE… in Armageddon. It’s interesting what the prophet says will happen to those in that valley. To paraphrase, “while standing on their feet, their eyes and tongues shall dissolve in their sockets and from their mouths” and then they will basically go up in flames. Sounds just like the description of that initial ‘wave’ of destructive energy from a thermonuclear device on flesh (Or, perhaps the very eternal fire of God). I saw a film once of a pig tied to a post during an A-bomb test. Sure enough, its eyes and mouth dissolved first, then the flesh was torn off it by the blastwave and then it burned up almost instantly.

Going to be an amazing event. I have no doubts it will come to pass. Everything else the same prophets said came to pass word for word, right down to the tiniest, seemingly most insignificant elements.

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