Indian Yogi States in Video That Maitreya Is the Return of Christ: The Final Blasphemy Begins.

2012: The Coming of the Kalki Maitreya Avatar, Four Horsemen, Second Advent of the Christ (Antichrist Apostasy warning)

A Maitreya devotee predicts his world appearance on or before 2012. Guard your soul as you listen. This is the beginning of absolute blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and the advent of the final global spiritual apostasy. This prideful yogi presumes to tell his audience what the meaning of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse is – it is very upsetting for me to watch this video and I must warn east Indians who are truth seekers and those who are Hindus, and / or Maitreya devotees. This guru is delivering a very slick and deceptive false spiritual teaching that is very hard to decipher because it all sounds “so right” if one has read the ancient Vedas, and / or if one has studied the roots of east Indian Hinduism and it’s inaccurate re-interpretation of the cosmic fact and actuality of The Paradise Trinity.  He makes a case that “sounds perfect.” There is only one problem. Maitreya is not the return of Christ. He is the final world religious imposter.

Video text reads: Master Yogiraj directs us to prepare for the year 2012 and the Coming of the Kalki Avatar, “Maitreya” …. Hear the definitive word on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what it means to us, right here and now.


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