The Great Invocation – this popular new age prayer will be misused to invoke Apostasy

The Great Invocation – this popular new age prayer will be mis-used by new age leaders and Maitreya devotees to invoke the Global Apostasy.

How will people tell the counterfeit Christ from the real Jesus of Nazareth? Listen to your deep, deep spiritual gut.

Many devout Christians believe this seemingly mystical and beautful prayer which is well known in new age circles will be mis-used to invoke the power of the global apostasy, and to usher in the advent of the Antichrist Miatreya. I investigated the new age movement for more than 30 years before returning to my Christian roots. When I listen to this invocation, I DO NOT have a comfortable feeling, and I prefer the Lord’s Prayer instead.

I am posting this video to raise awareness about how these words might be misused to invoke the ultimate imposter of Christ – Maitreya.

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