Maitreya To Appear in TV Ad Campaign in 2010 – Why Does He Need to Advertise?

All I have to say is this: if someone needed unequivocal solid proof that Maitreya IS NOT Jesus Christ, just observe the following video.
When my real King of Kings returns, He will not need to run TV advertisements to try to convince the world of who and what He is.

The second video is a very slick and emotive piece of well produced spiritual propaganda. No true Messiah would ever need to “sell” himself via TV advertising. This is sickening, but I need to post it to warn Christians and their families about what to watch for. Get your kids out of the room if you see one of these ads air on TV.

(I do not watch TV and have not for 3 years, and I have never been happier, more relaxed, I save money, my blood pressure has dropped and I recommend it.)

Chase Hunter

Alleged “miraculous photos” on the Maitreya website are such obvious frauds that it is laughable.The deeper one examines the content of Share Interntional, the less credibility the organization has.

I have been a personal and professional photographer for 30 years, and I was an art director for 20 years. I know when looking at a photo whether what I am looking at is a technical mistake or a valid image. Numerous out of focus photos,  slowed down double exposures, shots taken when the subject was moving, overexposures, and large out of focus blurry objects in the foreground are presented as photos of so-called miracles. The entire presentation of the Maitreya story wreaks of fraud.


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